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Hi, I’m Tutu

PP number: PP724


Name: Tutu


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £300






Hi, I’m Tutu, I’m a orange winged amazon, and very beautiful, and also quiet, I’m now looking for my forever home.



Tutu came back into the charity due to no fault of her own


Current Presentation:

I am able to fly but choose not to and love to sit on top of my cage and let myself in and out when the door is open. I am very quiet and don’t like hands but will happily sit on a perch to be moved. I have lots of character and will turn my back on you when I’ve had enough interaction.


I am starting to take a treat out of hands with the sound of a clicker, but will turn away from you when I’ve had enough.



I am on parrot & parakeet food no sunflower and no nut blend. I love fruit blueberries being my favourite closely followed by apple . I’ve tried veg but found nothing that appeals to me as yet.



I love all my toys but prefer cardboard squares, and love to knock my toys onto the cage floor. I also love music and will let you know what song I like by giving u a chirp. I’m never left alone by my SH so I’m not sure how I would be alone but I have tv access till bedtime.



Tutu is a work in progress. There is no nastiness in her and hasn’t bitten/tried to since being in her SH, she
doesn’t seem to mind males or female handlers. Shes improved so much over the last few weeks and with more
interaction she will make a lovely companion .


Location: Middlewich

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