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Hi, I’m Tilly

PP number: PP937


Name: Tilly


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, my name is Tilly and I am the most stunning African Grey that you ever had the pleasure to see!  I have been with my safe house for a few weeks now and I am slowly getting used to the people and the other birds. I haven’t ventured out of my cage yet, but rest assured, I will do with lots of patience and time. I am a very quiet bird and I have only just started to say hello and imitate the noises of the other birds that I can hear from a distance. I have also started making noises, maybe I picked them up from my previous home, there’s always new things that I start doing that surprise my safe house carers.



I came back to the charity because of my carer needing to go into hospital. I was with my adopted carers for 4 years and I am now again in search of a new home to call my own.

The first time I came into the charity was because I was a found bird, so we don’t know my age nor my sex.


Current Presentation:

I am a stunning, fully feathered bird!



I will need lots of training and patience to help me come out of my shell. I haven’t been handled so I will need someone who has the patience and time to start from scratch. It won’t be easy as I need to start to trust people again, currently I lunge when anyone approaches me. But I am learning very quickly! My previous adopters say that I’m a good flyer.

I was previously known to be a man’s bird, but that has currently not been confirmed. I don’t like the other birds in the house, but I am not fazed by the dogs that walk past my cage.



I love my low sunflower seed food and I am always ready for a juicy grape or a sweet sugar snap. I will eat some pomegranate from time to time but that’s about all that I pick up from my bowl full of sprouted seeds, vegetables and some fruit that is being offered. I will usually eat fruit and vegetables if they are handed to me.

My super favourites are almonds and dried banana – these are currently being used for training!



A few weeks after I arrived in my safe house, I started to chew toys, mostly cardboard. I have also learned to chew through a little cardboard box to forage for my favourite treat – banana chips!



Tilly is a gorgeous grey with absolutely stunning feathers. She likes her food and her favourites like dried banana and almonds can be used for training. She learns quick not only to imitate noises and words but also to learn new tricks with hidden treats.

Tilly would benefit from being the only bird (or with no birds in the same room) preferably with a male carer. She is not bothered about dogs when safely in her cage. Any children in her new home should be 10 or older as Tilly is still very nippy when approached. With some people Tilly may try and grab with her foot anyone who is very close to her cage.

If you could offer her a home where she can learn and thrive, please don’t hesitate to apply below!


Location: Leicestershire

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