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Hi, I’m Luca

PP number: PP1450


Name: Luca


Species: Moluccan Cockatoo


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, I am Luca! I am a 41-year-old female Moluccan Cockatoo.  I have laid eggs in the past so I am definitely a female! I am a man’s bird, although I can be handled by women. My preference is for a man to be my main carer. Now, if you apply for me please remember that I am cockatoo and do have my loud moments – and I really do mean loud moments! I am hand tame, I love to shoulder surf, and I am also harness trained.



I came into the charity through no fault of my own and I am known to be around 41 years old.


Current Presentation:

I am a beautiful bird with most of my feathers, but I have a habit of pulling my crest feathers out with my beak (once they are long enough) and I also pluck my head feathers using my feet.



I know how to step up, but I can be a little stubborn at times. I am also harness trained!



I currently enjoy a diet of AS30 no sunflower seed mix, as well as sprouted/soaked seeds and fresh ‘chop’.



I spend a lot of time out of my cage with the other cockatoos in my safehouse. I love spending time watching out of the window, and I like to chew on lots of wooden blocks too!



Luca is a tatty but loveable bird. She can be loud sometimes and will need someone with experience to help her deal with her plucking as well as her egg-laying, but she is good to handle and loves to be out and about in her harness.

If you feel as though you could give Luca time and a home to call his own then please apply below!


Location: Liverpool

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