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Hi, I’m Kiki

PP number: PP1268


Name: Kiki


Species: Bare-eyed Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, I’m Kiki, a beautiful Bare-eyed Cockatoo with a lot of love to give to a male carer.



I have been a part of the Problem Parrots flock for some time now. I was previously adopted and have been well loved, but due to a change of circumstances I am now looking for my forever home.


Current Presentation:

I’m a beautiful, fully feathered bird with clear and bright eyes!



I will need some training, but I will take treats nicely from hands. With male carers, I have been known to be very open to learning new things, and I know how to step up! I am so easy to put back in my cage; all people need to do is point at my cage and I will put myself to bed once I’ve enjoyed some time out.



I enjoy a varied diet and am good at eating fresh fruit and vegetables! I particularly like cucumber and carrots. My favourite nuts are walnuts (as a treat!) and I also enjoy TidyMix seed mix.



I love to destroy toys! Ripping up wrapping paper, cardboard rolls, and boxes are my favourite and I love spending time with male carers. I enjoy spray baths and occasionally like to bathe in my water bowl!



Kiki is a lovely bird who clearly prefers men to women. He has been very receptive to male visitors to his safehouse, and has even stepped up for an unfamiliar man and enjoyed sitting with him and speaking to him. Kiki seems to get on with other birds and has been happy socialising with the African Grey and Amazon who live in his safehouse.

Kiki knows a few words and phrases, and says ‘hello’, and ‘hello Kiki’ when excited. Generally he is quiet for a cockatoo though (though this can still be loud!). He occasionally screams at bed time, but soon settles down.

He would be so happy to have a male carer, but he can tolerate women so would do well in a family or with a single man. He hasn’t been around children, but as he is a cockatoo, he probably wouldn’t be suitable for a family with younger children.

Kiki is a lovely, stunningly beautiful bird who has so much to give for the right carer, and with lots of time and care, has the potential to be a wonderful companion.


Location: Nottingham

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