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Hi, I’m Ben

PP number: PP718


Name: Ben


Species: Orange-Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £300


Cage supplied: Yes, but could do with a new main cage – she has a good travel cage



Hi, I’m Ben, a lovely female Orange Winged Amazon, estimated to be around 16 years young.



When I first came into the charity, I was mentally and physically in bad condition. I also had a bad aspergillosis infection.  Supported by long term vet treatment and excellent care of one of Problem Parrots’s welfare managers, I pulled through. After about a year being with my safehouse, I was adopted and was in perfect health. Sadly, around 3 years later, I was returned to the charity because my previous carer suffered with health issues.


Current Presentation: 

As you can see in my photos, I am a beautiful girl with all of my feathers and gorgeous eyes.



I can be a quiet, shy, and timid Amazon, who needs a very patient carer.  I am very wary of hands, although I will delicately take treats from between fingers. All of this will improve in time, given lots of love, attention and training. I am also reluctant to come out of my cage, although I have ventured out of my cage on a few occasions for a shower spray, which I really enjoy! With lots of patience and a steady routine, I will slowly gain trust, get used to hands, and accept head scratches. This will take time and will not just come overnight!



My diet consists of Harrison’s pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as sprouted and soaked seeds. I absolutely love my vegetables and fruit and I am especially fond of pomegranates, grapes, peas in a pod, bananas and apples. I also love nuts as treats, such as walnuts, pistachios, and almonds.



I have started to show interest in foot toys, especially if treats are hidden in them. The best success so far is a pine cone (obviously sterilised) and a cat kong! Up to now I have not shown much interest in toys in my cage, although again, this is gradually improving because my carer is hiding my favourite treats/food in them.



Ben is a sweet natured Amazon, who has been through a lot during her (still quite short) lifetime and will need a very patient carer and a quiet home with a good routine. She is not loud for an Amazon, except for the usual morning and evening calls. She is not fazed by dogs or the presence of other birds while she is safely in her cage. She has no preference for men or women. If you could offer her the loving forever home she needs, please do not hesitate to apply below.


Location: Manchester

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