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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1429


Name: Charlie


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi, I’m Charlie! I have an extensive vocabulary and am a very intelligent bird. I can count to six and I love to dance!



I came into Problem Parrots in March 2022 through no fault of my own and was adopted by a loving family, but one of their children became allergic to me and I am now looking for my forever home.


Current presentation:

I’m fully feathered and very beautiful if I say so myself!



I will step up once I have built trust with my carer. I’m not harness trained but with training and time this could be possible.

I love being out of my cage as much as possible, so I need a family with plenty of time to give me.



I enjoy a varied diet which mostly consists of fruit and vegetables, with some seed. I like Johnston and Jeff Lean and Fit seed mix, but it’s important that I get my daily fresh food and just a little seed. I love getting grapes as a treat!



I love chewing boxes and paper, as well as swinging from the top of my cage and ringing the bell on toys!



Charlie is great with men, women, and children, and has gotten along with other parrots in his safehouses. He picks up words quickly and is great at mimicking people! He tends to pick one of his carers to mimic and does so regularly when that person is in the room with him. Charlie will need someone who will be around him a lot as he loves being out of his cage.

Overall, Charlie is a fantastic bird who has been a delight to care for in his safehouse. His quirks make it so that there is never a dull moment when he is around, he is really a one-of-a-kind parrot.

Charlie knows some colourful language which should be discouraged, but be mindful of this if there are children in your family.

Charlie has been a privilege to safehouse and his safehouse carers wish him all the best in his forever home!


Location: Derby

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