There are many types of conures, but these birds are of small build with little But strong beaks. All conures are of bright, stunning colouration and this is why they are common in the pet trade. They have a life span of about 35 years in a good environment.


As Pets:
Conures can make fantastic pets. They are fun, loving and can be very cuddly if raised/trained right. They also have HUGE attitudes so they may show a “nippy” side even if they are very tame. They love to play and spend quality time with their owners! Conures are very clever so can often be taught to speak.


Noise level between 1 – 10:
Conures CAN be very noisy! They can have times throughout the day when it is normal for all birds to call but excessive calling can be a problem with conures. Good training and reward system can help reduce the excessive screaming. For this we give the conure family an 8 rating.


Breeding Seasons:
Conures breeding season is between December and may. The female can lay between 4-7 eggs depending on species.


Prone illnesses:
Conure bleeding syndrome.
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Syndrome (PBFDS).
Feather Picking


Types of Conures:
Nanday conure
Sun conure
Maroon bellied conure
Patagonian conure
Green cheeked conure
Jenday conure
Blue crowned conure
Cherry headed conure
to name just a few


As with all parrots they need a good quality seed plus DAILY fruit and veg. They also readily accept “human food” but please make sure you know what is toxic to your parrot.


Please if you have any-more questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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