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Hi, I am Chicken

PP number: PP1302


Name: Chicken



Green cheeked conure



Adoption fee: £125




Well hello what can I say? I’m Chicken, a green cheeked conure. We are unsure of my age but believe to be over the age of 8 maybe a little older. Please have a read of my write up and I will tell you more about myself, do check me out for updates on problem parrots extra.



I came into the charity due to no fault of my own as my original owner could no longer care for me.


Current presentation:

We believe chicken is between 9-12 years old he had lost chest feathers but these seem to be growing back slowly. Chicken seems to love to sit with you and have a sneaky cuddle and head rubs.

Chicken is very easy to get back into the cage due to him being hand tame and not a great flyer. We have also found that chicken sits up straight when out of the cage and climbing about but when perching he leans forwards and balances but have found he can balance much better on rope style perches. I don’t mind other birds being around, these don’t bother me, we are also ok with Children being around us. We live in a safehouse with four legged friends these are also fine when I’m safely in my cage. Chicken does like to bathe in his water bowl and doesn’t mind to be sprayed either. Chicken isn’t a noisy bird.



I don’t really need any training apart from when you put your hands in my cage I will come down to make you think I’m going to bite but I haven’t acutely bit my safehouse mum.



Fresh veg and fruit, sprouting and soaking seeds, Johnson and jeff lean and fit.



I do love to chew boxes and will occasionally play with toys.



Chicken is slightly plucked but the feathers are growing back with a change of diet and environment, Chicken does occasionally seem to have an eye problem, but not had it for quite some months now. He is a very friendly conure who is looking for a forever home and would love to be around other conures to make friends with. If you think you could offer chicken a new forever home please apply below.


Location: Norwich

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