Entertainment & toys

All Parrots no matter how big or small are extremely intelligent and playful they must have toys to keep them amused and these toys where possible must be rotated weekly, kept clean and intact.


If you work it’s always a good idea to buy the biggest cage possible so they have plenty of room to move around and lots of toys to keep them amused. If you are not sure about what cage to buy then a quick call to Scarlett’s parrot essentials will help you.


We at problem parrots understand that keeping parrots is not a cheap hobby with the amount of toys they seem to chew through but there are many parrot toys that are available in most pet shops and online, we here at Problem parrots use and recommend the great service and brilliant prices at Scarlett’s parrot essentials. Scarlett also understands how expensive keeping parrots can be this is why she ensures her prices stay low. You can find Scarlett’s web site at the address below or you can click the link at the bottom of the page and she will be more than happy to help you.



Natural hemp rope (none treated) makes great swings, perches etc but make sure you replace it when it becomes frayed because a parrot can get its foot, claw or beak caught in it; also do be careful to avoid rope with any synthetic fibres.


Cardboard boxes, Un-treated wood and natural none toxic branches are also great items for your parrot to destroy it keeps them entertained and hopefully away from your furniture.


Being intelligent, parrots particularly enjoy puzzles and foraging type toys. These can be made at home without the massive expense.


Without doubt it is very important for your parrot to be allowed out of the cage as much as possible to play, explore and interact with the family. Do however make sure this time is fully supervised. Stands and play areas are a fantastic way of keeping your parrot busy while being away from his/her cage make various perching areas throughout the room or rooms these will be used and chewed instead of your furniture.


Please take caution of the following:

  • Flying out of an open window or door
  • Chewing electrical wires
  • Falling into the toilet
  • Landing on hot cooker/hob
  • Tipping over hot liquids in cups, saucepans, dishes etc


This is why we always supervise our parrots while out of the cage. It would be great if all parrot owners could have a safe “parrot proof” room where they can play all day without the need for constant supervision whilst you go to work, but this in many cases is not possible so remembering these few simple things will ensure a happy bird!

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