Harness training

Harness training your parrot it a great thing to achieve as it gives them loads of freedom and allows you to go outside the house together. It also provides more stimulation for your parrot.


Harness training is NOT an easy thing and will take longer than a day. You need to be patient with your feathered friend when training and provide lots of positive reinforcements.


The harness that we recommend is the AVIATOR HARNESS. This can be bought from many good online pet shops. They come in a variety of colours and with a free instruction DVD to show you how to train your parrot.


The Aviator Harness allows your parrot to become healthier, fitter, more active and more coordinated. This will help your parrot become more self-confident and happier.The Aviator Harness is the only harness that is designed to allow a truly escape-proof and safe flight. It is also extremely easy to fit to your parrot.


Included with this product is a 40 minute DVD which tells you:

  • How to easily fit and use the Aviator
  • How to train your pet to love the Aviator
  • How to teach them new tricks
  • The advantages of the optional Aviator Flight Line
  • What positive personality changes to expect


An adjustable lead is included but the Aviator Harness Flight Line (sold separately) provides even greater benefit and is found amongst the related products.


If you need any advice regarding harness training then please drop us an email.

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