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Hi, we are Orville & Penny

PP number: PP1269 & PP841


Name: Orville & Penny


Species: Alexandrine’s


Adoption fee: £262.50



We were both lone birds in loving families. Our owners could see we were not as happy as we used to be.  We came together in our safe house and  became good friends. We eat, play and snooze together.  We are not very hands on however with time and trust we will come to you.



Orville: I have been with my owner since hatch. I am more of a man bird however happily be with anyone. My owners went away on holiday a few years ago. Since then I have been plucking.  They have recently become more busy with work and could see I was not as happy.  I stayed with my current safe house for a few months at the start of  2021; for a break. assess my plucking and some training.  I did really well plucking less, played more plus had company of others birds.  I went back to my owners which was great for a while but I needed more attention. My owners did the right thing for me and my well being by handing me over to PP.

Penny: I was with PP before and got adopted into a caring loving family.  I have been happy for years doing amazingly however, recently my owners could see I was not myself.  They spoke with PP and got some advice which they tried. I was ok for a while. I was still not myself. With heavy hearts they knew I needed more, it is not easy being a lone bird. We love company.


Current Presentation:

We came together at our safe house by luck and fate. From the first day we became friends.  There is the odd beak to beak back off; it doesn’t last long. We are in and out of each other’s cages. Her toys are better than mine. Plus she might have better food in the bowls.  We are not hands on birds with our safe house mum, we do give kisses and don’t mind the occasional tickle if in the mood. Give us time and trust we will be.  We step up not always when asked though.  We both love food, a handy trick to remember if you need to move us, especially at bedtime.  We do fly around the room but just as happy to play in or around our cages to our stand.  Our safe house mum made the stand a fun place to be with treats to find and lots of things to chew or throw!

Our safe house mum takes us out for walks in a buggy We Love It !!!  We visit the local lake, the woods, and get lots of attention from people. We can be a little shy. Once we sit down we chit chat non stop and shout at anything which moves.

Orville plucking has reduced by being more active and around Penny. Lots of new pins. I will need to be monitored as I still pull them out now and then. Increased darkness at bedtime slightly and change of diet has been a big factor too.

We love to bathe in our water bowls and love a fine shower spray. We get fully covered and sleep very well.



The possibilities are endless. We have huge potential to do much, as long as you have the time and dedication for us. We are both nosey. We like being involved in your tasks and exploring.  We do need to be told off and reminded when you are eating, we are not allowed to take food from a plate or try from your mouth. We are much better with this and get rewards for being good. Our safe house mum has been doing various little training sessions with us to keep us on our toes.  She believes we could both be good for harness. However being very flighty birds we would need lots of indoor training for a while before going outside plus have complete trust with you.



Orville:  I was on a not so great seed diet. My safe house mum changed me to Tidy Mix. I enjoy this and hardly any waste.  I was not amused at the pellets at all. Until Penny came along.  Now I have pellets with an occasional tidy mix.

Penny: I am on Harrison fine pellets.  I have shown Orville this is food and ok to eat.  I get a treat with the tidy mix also.

We both love pulses, beans etc and  veggies, and will try it all. Chunky or chop, we will eat more chop. Be warned we love to throw it too. We try fruit but most of the time throw it. We have Lafeber NutriBerries these are our favorite treats, guarantee we will step up for these.  At bedtime we will have cashews, almonds or walnuts.  We are both good eaters. We like to have a good munch in our bowls before bedtime.



We both love to chew, you will need lots of wood for us. Hopefully toys rather than tops of doors or picture frames – Penny !!!  Brown paper or cardboard keeps us happy for short times.  We love to fly to our stand to find things to play with. Our safe house mum made a mini play gym on it.  She also uses the stand for training.  We can entertain ourselves for hours alone or with each other. We like flying around the room. We sometimes wander away from cages exploring. With time and trust, once we settle we will be away from cages more.



We would be great for a first time birdie family. We can learn from each other. We are young birds with lots to give if you have the time for us too. We can also keep ourselves entertained when you are busy.  Or we could  join your flock. We are enjoying the company of others, we dont mind sharing but do give us our own space.

We do nib you but it’s not meant with any seriousness. This could stop with training.  Orville is more reluctant than Penny to try new things. Once Orville sees what Penny is doing or eating she is willing and curious.  We will fly to you and sit on your shoulder, investigate what you are up to.

We are not loud birds or continuously shout for attention. Our safe house mum says we are super quiet but then she has loud birds!  We are a delight to be around and are funny. She says we are good as gold and loves looking after us.

We were lone birds. Now we have each other for life, friendship and company.


Location: Hereford

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