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Hi, I am Bev or Bubbles

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Name: Bev or Bubbles


Species: Green cheeked conure


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Hi I’m Bev also known as bubbles the beautiful green cheek conure I’m around 2/3 years old, and was hand reared.

I’m now going to tell you about myself but do go and check out my updates on problem parrots extra on Facebook.


I was a very well-loved bird but sadly due to a change in my owners circumstances I was handed into the charity due to no fault of my own, I’m very hand tame but I can be nippy at times.


Current Presentation:

Bev doesn’t really show a preference to female or male or even children. Bev loves to be out of her cage all day and loves been out with the other conures here who she seems to get on well with. She does love cardboard to chew for times in and out of her cage. My cage gets covered between half past 6 / 7pm where I’m a little chatty for a few minutes but then I do then quieten down until I’m uncovered in the morning.

I do love to venture around the room and do love to fly, I will step up but you do have to be firm with me at times because if at times I don’t want to do it then I will give you a nip. I do need to be kept low because I do have a thing about nipping your face when being asked to step when on your shoulder. She will go back into the cage, but sometime needs food encouragement to get her back in. she does respond to recall, if you say ‘go back’ firmly to her she will then go back to her rope perch.

Bev does say a few phases ‘hello baby’ breakfast’ although this is heard as biscuits, she will also dance even if there is no music on and makes clicking noises while bopping.

Bev doesn’t mind 4 legged furry friends been around as long as I’m safely tucked up in my cage first.

Although I can be nippy at time, I have such a character to me and love to snuggle although these sometimes have to be on my terms but once I get to know you, I will have you doing this a lot since been in safehouse I’m less nippy than when I first came, I do love to bath in the sink and don’t mind been sprayed.



We have been doing clicker training to help with some of the nipping and Bev seems to have picked this up well, we can sometimes take a little while for her to do it. We use walnuts as a treat for this.



Harrisons pellets although can be picky with these so add a small amount of lean and fit with it. Her main diet is veg and a little fruit but the veg has to be given first because she will pick the fruit out and leave the veg if given the chance to.

Strawberries and raspberries she loves and courgettes and sweet potatoes.



Bev loves to shed the paper at the bottom of the cage and loves carboard



Bev is such a beautiful conure who loves to be out and been around people and someone to give her cuddles and boundaries. Over time she will make a great family bird to enjoy for years to come. If you think you could offer Bev a forever home, please click apply.




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