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Hi, I am Charlie

PP number: PP1195


Name: Charlie


Species: Male Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £450




Hi, I am Charlie, Charlie, Charlie as I like to tell everyone who comes into the room.  I am a very mischievous and cheeky boy.  I know I am a boy because I have been DNA tested.  I am quite a nervous too and need a lot of patience and understanding because in my last home I was a bit of a naughty boy and wasn’t very nice to my previous owner.  I love to chat inside my cage and when I come out I tend to like to do my own thing but it has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to come out of the cage and play with my safe house dad.



Charlie came into to the Charity because he was attacking his previous owner including flying attacks so spent a lot of time in his cage.  I have to say I have had Charlie a while now and I’ve not seen any of that behaviour however he is a very nervous Too and will need an experienced confident home to bring the very best out of him.


Current Presentation

As you can see Charlie is a very handsome Umbrella Too and is feather perfect.  He is also quite a noisy young man and often speaks gibberish for a good 10 minutes or so while you stand by his cage, however he can be quite a noisy boy at times.  He has settled here with me quite well and has made great progress with being handled to the point where he no longer moves away from me and will quite happily accept a head scratch.  Charlie has also only just started climbing down from his cage to come over a for a snuggle, however this is very early days and it takes Charlie a lot courage to do this.



Charlie has only just got used to be handled and will take a lot of time and patience to get over his nervousness.  He hasn’t stepped up yet but we are working on it and I am sure he will in time but it is very early days.  I have to be honest and say he hasn’t shown any of the aggression yet he was handed into the charity for.



Charlie loves his grub, and is on a good variety of chop,  AS30 seed mix, sprouted seeds.  His diet is supplemented with scrambled egg which he tends to eat and decorate his cage with and porridge made with water.  He is also very partial to a nice cup of Chamomile tea.



Charlie is a typical Umbrella Too in this department!  He spends 8 hours a day minimum out of his cage but when he is in his cage he loves nothing better than to destroy boxes, tear up books and chew on wooden blocks.



Charlie is a very nervous Too when being handled although he is coming more out of his shell each day and starting to trust hands a little more.  He will need a very confident new home preferably with experience of the larger cockatoo’s.  He can also be a little on the noisy side sometimes so patient neighbours will be a must!  However, Charlie has started to show his true potential as a life long birdy friend and with lots and lots of patience and kindness I believe he can make someone a wonderful companion.



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