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Hi, we are Jazz and Jess!

PP number: PP925 and PP926


Name: Jazz and Jess


Species: Orange-Winged Amazons


Adoption fee: £450


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, We are Jazz & Jess a bonded pair of male and female Orange Winged Amazons, we are not sure how old we are but we are young at heart!



When we first came into the charity, we spent 18 months being with our safehouse (it was lockdown) and we loved our safehouse and we were so good and happy and they were so sad to see us go! We were adopted in perfect health. Sadly, around 3 years later, we were returned to the charity because our previous carer suffered with health issues. We have only been in our new safehouse a month but quickly warmed up to our carers and like to take food from their hands and talk to them and even have started to ride on a shoulder.


Current Presentation:

As you can see in our photos, we are both very beautiful – a beautiful slightly larger boy and a girl both with all of our feathers and gorgeous eyes.



Jazz is bolder and talks and will have a conversation with you and has a lot to say – Hello, What’s up, give me a kiss, and lots more…he’s been known to ride on shoulders too when he warms up to you – he will fly and land on your shoulder when he wants to. Jess can be more quiet, a bit more of a shy Amazon, who needs a very patient carer – but she is very curious and with gentleness and patience she should warm up to you – but do not expect her to climb on you. She is wary of hands at first until she knows you, although she will delicately take treats from between fingers. All of this will improve in time, given lots of calm love, attention and training. Both will happily come out of their cage, and both will go back on their own. They are very quiet and easy Amazons – and love their 12 hours of covered sleep and nap time – and occasionally call their flock (they would not be Amazons if they didn’t!) but only very very briefly and they can be distracted! They are not aggressive and have not bitten to the safehouse carer’s knowledge. They need lots of patience and a steady calm loving routine, to slowly gain trust. This will take time and will not just come overnight!



They love their food and their diet consists of Tidymix, fresh fruit, vegetables, greens, carrots etc. chop. Both will happily take treats delicately from your hands. Both adore banana chips and apple. Jess loves warm sweet potatoes and Jazz loves a Brazil nut.



Both are starting to show more interest in toys, but they have been interested more in the past. Jess loves a mirror but it is worth persisting with toys. Jazz doesn’t mind being sprayed but Jess is not keen and squawks. They were both sprayed in the past and it is worth persisting with it. Jazz and Jess do not step up at the moment but it is worth being patient and continuing training. They love being out of their cage and sometimes exploring their surroundings – Jazz will wander/fly all around the room at times – so make sure you keep an eye on them! They have been through a lot of change and need a safe and settled forever home.



Jess and Jazz are a bonded pair of very sweet-natured Amazons, who have been through a lot during their (still quite short) lifetimes and deserve their forever home! They will need a patient carer and a home with a good routine. They are exceptionally easy-going and not loud for Amazons, except for the usual (very short) morning and evening calls. They are independent and happy and can amuse themselves, but they are not cuddly. They like to chortle and chirp away, and Jazz talks to you or himself or Jess, and has learnt new words and tunes to whistle while being in the safe house. They gratefully accept treats from you when they know you and they enjoy listening to other parrots talking or singing.

They look at you and listen intently when you talk to them, and they are not fazed by dogs while they are safely in their cage. When they know and trust their people, their people can get very close – they are not cuddly and do not want your hand to touch them – but if your hand is holding a yummy treat you are extra special and they both will accept food from you. It’s not a problem cleaning out their cage or perches or changing food or water, etc. – they are totally fine with you being in their space for that. They are shy of strangers, and could benefit from being socialised. They are lovely, fun, sweet, fully feathered, easy, beautiful, and independent parrots. They have no preference for men or women. If you could offer them the loving forever home they need, please do not hesitate to apply below.


Location: Wales

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