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Hi, we are Eric & Ernie

PP number: PP1281 & PP1282


Name: Eric & Ernie


Species: Rainbow Lorikeets


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi! Our names are Eric and Ernie. We’re not sure which of us is which as we look like twins! We are two beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets who are back on the search for our forever home.

At least one of us is actually a female, as one of us recently laid two eggs!



Eric and Ernie have come back into the charity through no fault of their own.


Current Presentation:

They are very beautiful birds, fully feathered and flighted with colourful, bright plumage. Their photos don’t do them justice!



Both birds step up well and have been able to fly to people on command (recall training), so this is something that could be reinforced with proper training. Sometimes they can be difficult to get into their cage as they love being out and playing, so this is something that also could be worked on.



Rainbow Lorikeets need a specific diet which is primarily made up of nectar. They have fascinating brush tongues with which Eric and Ernie eat nectar that is replaced twice every day. They also have exotic fruits (e.g. mango, pomegranate, etc.) and some vegetables in their diet.



Eric and Ernie have all the toys that any bird could ever have, but their favourite is being out of their cage and playing. They love having a bath in the bottom of their cage so they can get their feathers clean, yes they have flooded their safehouse floor but nobody minds as they have so much fun. They don’t like to shower or be misted with a spray bottle, but they love having a tub of water in the bottom of their cage to bathe in. They do share a cage as they are the best of friends and love being together.



Since coming into my home, Eric and Ernie have been a delight to safehouse. They love being out of their cage, they don’t do head scratches but they do love being near and on you. One absolutely loves getting on your phone etc when you’re trying to do things where the other one loves chasing feet. They love to work together as a team too. They have no preference for men, women or children. They can occasionally be slightly nippy, but it is never hard enough to break the skin and this can be worked on. Eric and Ernie cannot be around any other birds.

They can talk! Some of the things they say are: ‘hello!’, ‘hello babies’, ‘what are you doing’, ‘step up’, ‘come on’, and many more words and phrases. They also wolf whistle! They are around other birds but they usually chase them off. Like siblings, they sometimes squabble with each other but it is never violent. If they don’t get enough time out of their cage, they can be very vocal. Eric and Ernie are very playful and love getting in mischief; they both have cheeky characters and always make people laugh. They are a great pair of birds and really deserve a loving forever home, so if there is space in your heart and home for two cheeky chaps please consider applying below.


Location: Derbyshire

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