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Hi, I’m Joey

PP Number: PP1349


Name: Joey


Species: Senegal Parrot


Adoption Fee: £225


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi, I’m Joey, a beautiful male Senegal parrot who is approximately 7 or 8 years old. I’m a little shy, but I’m very intelligent and I can be loving when you get to know me!



I have come back into the charity because of over-bonding issues with my previous carer. I was very much loved and happy there, but I had issues with aggression and disruptive behaviour because of the over-bonding. As a result of this, my carer made the difficult decision to rehome me.


Current Presentation:

I have previously had my wings clipped quite aggressively, but they are recovering well and although the feathers on one of my wings are still damaged, they seem to be recovering and will hopefully improve with my next moult. It is harder for me to fly because of this, but I can still manage a lap of the room and return to my cage! I have previously had plucking issues too, but this is not currently a concern. Right now, I am a very handsome little bird!



I am a highly intelligent bird and have mastered lots of basic commands, and even some tricks! I know how to fly to my perch or to the window on command, and I am good at stepping up onto a stick (I could use some help with stepping up onto hands). I also know how to spin around and I even react to ‘finger guns’! I need lots of mental stimulation, but I have so much potential to learn new things. I will do almost anything for a sugar snap pea, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds!



I enjoy a varied diet of Tidymix supplemented with daily fresh fruit and vegetables. I am happy to eat a variety of seed and nuts, and I also like Tropican Lifetime Granules.



I need lots of mental stimulation! I like to forage for my favourite fresh foods, nuts, and seeds in puzzle boxes and I like it when food is hidden in toys and around the room when I am out of my cage. I spend around 8 hours every day out of my cage and I enjoy spending time with other birds while I am out.



Joey is a lovely boy with huge potential and he deserves to find the perfect forever home where he’s not the only bird. Multiple carers would be ideal to minimise the risk of him over-bonding again, and he needs a home where his ongoing training can continue.

Because of his previous issues, he will need to be with an experienced bird carer who is willing to keep working with him to form a healthy bond and continue his ongoing training. Joey is a very clever boy who picks up tricks and new sounds quickly, and he loves plenty of mental stimulation to keep him engaged. He has had issues with plucking in the past, but that isn’t a current concern.

Joey was the only bird at his previous home, but is now around a number of birds including cockatiels, a conure, and an African Grey. He behaves really well with the smaller birds and it’s proved really beneficial for his mental well-being to be part of a flock, but he is nervous of larger birds, so Joey will need to be with birds his own size or smaller. We do not believe he will do well as a solitary bird.

Joey is a lovely bird, and with the right family and flock he has so much potential to thrive. He will need an experienced carer, but with the right training and care he could be such a wonderful companion. If you could be that carer, please do not hesitate to apply below!


Location: Bristol

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