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Hi, I’m Amber

PP number: PP1456


Name: Amber


Species: Green-Winged Macaw


Adoption fee: £500



Hi! I’m Amber, a beautiful Green-Winged Macaw. I am thought to be around 30 years old and have always been thought of as female, but I’ve never been DNA tested.



I lived with my last carer for 20 years before they sadly passed away. When I came to them, they were told that I was 10 years old at the time, so that makes me about 30 years young. I was not kept with a cage during that time, and I haven’t been handled very much or by a wide variety of people.


Current Presentation:

When I came into Problem Parrots, I was quite poorly, and I had a severely overgrown scissor beak. This has now been cut back and is being monitored to make sure that my beak corrects itself. I will need to have my beak trimmed regularly and I might even need corrective apparatus to help fix the scissoring in the future.

However, I can now crack walnuts and chew toys! I also like climbing using my beak now, which I could not do before. Other than my beak, I am a stunning bird with beautiful plumage!



While I am not wary of hands and will allow them near me, and I am not an aggressive bird, I am nervous of stepping up and lots of training will need to be provided to help me learn to trust my carers. I take nuts from hands but I can be skittish; I am a flighter, not a fighter!



I love a small amount of AS30 seed mix in the morning for my breakfast, with a pistachio nut and a cashew mixed in, but I am learning to enjoy Top’s pellets too. I always look forward to my fresh fruit and vegetables in the evening and I am always being offered new things to try. I have been told that I am adapting to my new diet very well!



A foraging box is starting to interest me now! At my last home, I didn’t have any toys so everything is new to me. I am gradually learning to enjoy different things, however, and I love climbing on java trees and dancing to music!



Amber is a beautiful Macaw inside and out who has had the same routine for 20 years, but she is adapting very well to her safe house and her new food, toys, and environment. Other birds do not worry her, and she stays within her own space away from them and shouts ‘hello!’. Other than this, she makes the usual Macaw calls, but nothing out of the ordinary.

As mentioned, she will need ongoing care for her beak, but hopefully the scissor can be rectified with the right treatment. She is a pleasure to safehouse and has a wonderful temperament; with time, love, and patience, Amber has the potential to make a lovely companion.


Location: Rotherham

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