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Hi, I’m Jimmy

PP number: PP1363


Name: Jimmy


Species: Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: 275



My Name is Jimmy! I sometimes like to be called Jimmy Choo. I came into the charity through no fault of my own. My safehouse carer says I am a very well behaved cockatoo (most of the time!) and I am also curious. I will tell you more about me and my character below. Enjoy!



I am only 6 years old so I am still learning how to be a good boy. I did not get out of my cage much in my previous home as I had tendencies to bite and nip my previous owners, but I did let them stroke me sometimes when I was in my cage (only a little at a time). They gave me my favourite vegetables and always gave me boxes to chew on, which I enjoyed. I was loved, so it was difficult for them to let me go.


Current Presentation:

I am not as tatty as I was when I first arrived at my safehouse! I used to pluck a little on my legs, but since I have settled my safehouse carer says I am a stunning looking bird and my feathers are absolutely gorgeous.

I now love having showers, but only when I am in the mood for it. My carer says I look amazing when I open up my wings and swing upside down and get really soaked, and I love to climb under colourful toys so the colours run into my feathers! I am told that I look after my feathers beautifully well, especially when I am moulting and allowing my new ones to grow.



I am doing so well in my safehouse, but I still need my carer to set some boundaries as I am often distracted by other birds and I sometimes try to intimidate them, but this is happening less often now. I can only be let out of my cage when there are no other birds out at the same time as me.



I enjoy a diet of AS30 seed mix or Johnston and Jeff’s Lean and Fit. I also love passion fruits, grapes, apples, mango, broccoli (my favourite vegetable!), baby carrots, peas, and lots more!



I love to play with boxes, wooden toys, and I especially like my extra-large ring rope swing. I also enjoy playing with a soft blanket!

I adore cuddles but it’s important to try to keep me on knees, as I can be over-affectionate and I don’t know my own strength! I have been learning to not preen people so hard and to come down to sit on knees instead of shoulders. When I have had enough of playtime I have been known to nip people to let them know I have had enough. I also love playing in the aviary alone as long as there are plenty of toys and things to keep me busy!

My newest obsession is Mega Blox and Lego, which I love to post through my cage bars for my carer to pick up and give back to me! I also love playing with a plastic toy box filled with a variety of paper and toys.



Jimmy is a very loveable bird and a real sweetheart. He is no trouble at all and is quiet for a cockatoo (although he is a messy bird – his cage will be a mess within minutes of being cleaned!). He can speak and he says a couple of words, but his main loud noise sounds like a landline phone ringing – Jimmy makes this noise when he is excited or when he sees something he wants (like his boxes!) and it is his version of screaming!

Jimmy has calmed down a lot in the last nine months, so it is no longer necessary to keep other birds covered while he is out. He still needs supervising at all times that he is out of his cage, however. He has also improved his ability to get on with men; in the summer, when he was in his cage in the garden, he even allowed a male visitor to stroke him! He would be best suited to a home with older children or just adults, but he could live with either women, or a man and a woman. As long as he is supervised, he is now okay with other pets but it is best that he goes to a home with fewer pets so that he has more room to thrive.

Jimmy really is a gorgeous, loveable bird with so much love to give and potential to develop. He has made so much progress and with the right family, he could make so much more. He will definitely melt your heart! He really deserves his forever home, so if you can give one to him, please don’t hesitate to apply below.


Location: Greater Manchester

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