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Hi, I am Chucky

PP number: PP1417


Name: Chucky


Species: Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275


Cage Supplied: No



Hi!! I’m Chucky. I’m looking for a confident single male carer and a forever loving home.



I have previously been adopted through Problem Parrots, but unfortunately a change of circumstances for my previous carers has meant that I have had to come back into the charity.


Current Presentation:

As you can see in my photos, I’m a beautiful bird with lovely feathers.



I know how to step up onto a stick, and will step up onto hands if you’re confident! I will take treats from hands too.



I am a very active bird, so I am given my vegetables in the morning but no fruit or anything that is high in natural sugars (such as carrots) along with Tidymix seed. I love walnuts as treats.



I love nothing more than things I can chew and shred. My safe house carer saves every single cardboard box and packaging for my enjoyment. I’m happy to come out of my cage and explore, but don’t leave a TV remote near me (my safe house carer made this mistake!).



Chucky really needs a knowledgeable, confident male carer to look after him and help him flourish. He tolerates women and is currently looked after by a woman, who is able to tickle his head through the cage bars.

He has a wide vocabulary: he can say ‘hello baby’, ‘hello Chucky’, ‘Good boy Chucky’, and ‘byebye!’. He is a comical bird, but he can be temperamental. For a cockatoo, I’m not very noisy and I rarely screech. He would be perfect for a carer who is looking for a happy, quiet, interactive cockatoo. If this is you, please don’t hesitate to apply below!


Location: Derby/Nottingham

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