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Hi, I’m Buddy

PP number: PP873


Name: Buddy


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £400




Hi everyone, I’m Buddy!! I’m a very happy and chatty Too. Appearances can be deceptive though as I might look like a cockatoo but really love barking like a dog to keep people guessing.

Current Presentation:

When I first arrived here I was a little bit timid as it was a big change. I was very brave little bird dog and let my SH mum stroke me though the cage to start with then ventured out and sat on my cage door.


As much as I love my blocks there is one thing that I despise, Vegetables and fruit…… eugh!! Whoever thought that would be a good idea I will stick to my AS30 of course pistachios, pecans, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts when I’m allowed. I try not to listen to my SH Mum telling me that I really should keep trying the fruit and veg, I can’t think of anything worse!


I luuuurve chewing wood and my SH Mum says I could win an award for shredding the wooden blocks she gives me super fast. I like to climb down onto the floor and go for a walk.


There are three big dogs living here and it drives them insane that I can talk their language. Obviously though they aren’t allowed in when I’m out.

My SH Dad I’m not so sure about, I just keep out of his way when I’m out which my SH Mum says is very polite of me. I do like it though when he comes over to my cage and we have a good chat about cups of tea and tickles. There is a 12yr old girl that lives here to, I’m still not sure how I feel about her as when we were all sat on the sofa watching TV I walked over and gave her a little peck. She has given me my favourite pistachios though when I’m in my cage. I adore pistachios because they are so easy to throw across the room.

There is an older lady that visits who my SH mum calls mum, I do sometimes let her stroke me through the cage but other times I may peck at the cage bars.

I’m not used to other birds so it was a bit strange for me to start. There is a little orange creature which I think is a busy bumble bee that flits around but I’m told he is a Sun Conure. I’m not keen on him flying around and the first time I saw him do it a screamed like a little girl!! I don’t know what all the fuss is about with this flying thing, it looks far too energetic so I prefer to walk.

I like to say hello to everyone that comes in, I ask for a tickle and say bye when people leave. I say Buddy is a good boy, cup of tea, night night darling, go bye bye’s and whistle a little bit too. I can be quite loud at times but then that bumble bee is aswell so my SH Mum says its no bother.

At night time I am covered up and I stay quiet until the morning.

I hope to find my forever home soon.

Lots of love Buddy


 Location: Holbeach, Lincolnshire

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