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Hi, I’m Max

PP number: PP1451


Name: Max


Species: Yellow-Headed Amazon


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: I will need a new one, please!



Hi, I’m Max, a beautiful Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot.



I am believed to be between 35 and 37 years old, and I have had quite a difficult life. I lived in a pet shop for much of my life where I wasn’t treated very well, so my previous owner convinced the shop owner to let me go to their house, where I was well-loved but I was sometimes difficult. It is not known whether I am male or female.


Current Presentation:

I am a beautiful bird with bright, colourful feathers and a handsome face – my photos don’t do me justice! I love to be bathed and to show off all my feathers while I am sprayed with water.



Training me can be difficult as I am not used to being handled or even coming out of my cage. My safehouse carer had to start from scratch and teach me to accept treats from her hand, which I have now learned to do, but I will need consistent and ongoing training to learn how to be less cage territorial and eventually learn to step up. I can’t fly very well (it’s more like falling!) so this is something I will need to work on too.



At my safehouse, I now enjoy a diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, and pellets mixed into ‘chop’, which is a finely chopped up mix of ingredients. I was previously on an all-seed diet, but I still get a few seeds. I have a very good appetite!



I have not come out of my cage very often as it is still very scary to me, but I am learning to do so more as I spend more time in my safehouse. I don’t like new things, but I love having the company of (adult) humans and other birds (although I should be monitored around them!). I don’t play with toys very often, but I might learn to when I become more comfortable.



Max is a lovely bird and although he can be difficult, he has been a pleasure to care for at his safehouse. He has already made a lot of progress since being here, and even coming out of his cage is a great achievement for him. He is a great talker with a wide vocabulary and a lovely laugh too!

He can be aggressive, cage territorial, and tries to bite when he is uncomfortable. He will need consistent and ongoing training to help him learn to be less unsociable, but with the right care he could be a lovely companion for the right family. He would be unsuitable for a family with children, however, and seems to have a slight preference for men. He seems to enjoy the company of other birds and gets excited when he sees them, but he will need to be supervised. He would benefit from having someone at home all the time to keep him company.

He is making progress all the time at his safehouse and is doing really well, but it’s going to be a slow process. He is a delight to be around and although he needs work, he is worth it. If you could give Max the time, love, and dedication he needs, please don’t hesitate to apply below.

Safehouse Update September 2023:

Max has been in safehouse quite a few months now he has really come out in his self! He’s happy now to sit on top of his cage all the time just going in for food or bed – you just have to say ‘go down Max’ and he does! His vocabulary is quite good and he’s a gentle boy with other birds. He’s enjoying his new diet and is slowly becoming more confident around people. He likes to play with ropes and chew wooden perches!


Location: East Sussex

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