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Hi, I am Oliver

PP number: PP1321


Name: Oliver


Species: Blue and Gold Macaw


Adoption fee: £500


Cage supplied: No



Hi I’m Oliver, a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw. I love music, but I’m not too noisy for a macaw!



I was previously adopted through Problem Parrots in a home where I was loved very much, but my previous carer became terminally ill and I had to say goodbye. Now I’m on the search for a new forever home!


Current presentation:

I am a beautiful macaw with bright plumage and pretty eyes!



I have a tendency to bond to one person, so it would be helpful to train me to become more confident and sociable with other humans. I know how to step up, but could do with some work on coming out of my shell.



I enjoy a diet of Johnston and Jeff lean and fit seed mix, as well as a couple of nuts in the morning as treats and TOP’s pellets throughout the day. In the evening, I like to eat a mixture fruit and vegetables.



I enjoy spending as much time out of my cage as possible, and I currently come out of my cage at around 7am every morning to watch the world go by. I have toys, but I’m not that keen on them, but I do like a box with paper and seeds in to forage with. I don’t mind being out of my cage at the same time as other birds, as long as they keep to themselves and respect my space!



Oliver is very deserving of his forever home, he’s really no bother at all and is entertaining. All he wants is love and a little of your attention along with some good food. He does the odd Macaw squawk at the usual times but is really quiet for a Macaw. He has favourite humans, but is not too prone to over-bonding and will make any forever home a happier place.

Oliver is a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw. He loves music, really isn’t noisy especially as he’s a Macaw and isn’t scared of other birds if they’re keeping to themselves in the same room.

Oliver has made great progress since he first arrived at his safehouse. He was very afraid of anything in your hands, large or small, when he first arrived, but is very unfazed by this now. He spends all day out of his cage, loves to climb around on his cage and our Java trees. He also likes to be sat on the windowsill watching the world go by and trying to spot people outside. At bedtime he will now put himself away and does not need to be covered at night.

He is a wonderful bird and will make his forever home very happy!


Location: Sheffield

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