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Hi, I’m Kiki

PP number: PP1164


Name: Kiki


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £400



Hi I am a Kiki the Umbrella Cockatoo, I am a very beautiful, kind and gentle young man but I have been known to bite and chase the ladies around the living room so ideally I am looking for a home where my main carer will be a male or a very confident lady.  I’ve been at my safehouse a few weeks now and my safe house dad says I’ve been no bother at all except he says I am a bit of an escape artist because I spend most of my time trying to escape from my cage which I have done on a couple of occasions.  I am here with a few other birds and I get on with them really well.  I do spend a lot of time out of my cage tearing up boxes which happens to be my favourite pastime and chewing on toys my safehouse Dad supplies.   However, I also like to step on your shoulder on my own terms and go for a shoulder surf around the house.



Unfortunately, Kiki had to be handed in to Problem Parrots because he was chasing the lady of the house around the living room and wasn’t very nice to her so he really does need a confident person to look after him.


Current Presentation

I spend loads of time out of my cage with my Safehouse dad, I will step up but it does take me some time as I am not 100 per cent confident, however, if you are by my cage I do lift a leg out to step up on your shoulder but only on my terms.  I am almost feather perfect apart from a small bald bit on my belly where I started to pluck but since I have been with my Safehouse dad I’ve not done that.  I do like to spend lots of time out of my cage and I love lots of company



I will step up but I am not that confident and can take a while however, I am getting a lot better and with time I am sure I will be loads better.  I also like to shoulder surf but again I am not that confident but if you’re passing my cage and I am in a confident mood I will stick my leg out to step up on your shoulder



I do like my food and at the moment I have a good mixed chop, sprouted seeds, and AS30 seed mix



At my Safehouse I am out of my cage 7 to 8 hours a day,  I have plenty of boxes to destroy, and lots and lots of wood to chew.  I do like to spend time with my safehouse dad but he is careful to not let me overbond with him.



Kiki is a very gentle and calm Too, he does make noises and never stops chatting.  He is a delight to safehouse and apart from being an escape artist getting out of his cage a couple of times he has been a model Too to look after.  He loves his cuddles and scratches but loves nothing more than spending his time chewing wood, ripping up boxes and watching TV.  He gets on really well with the other Umbrella Cockatoo in the house and the other birds.  He is a little chatterbox and you can often hear him singing, and chatting to himself. 


Location: Liverpool

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