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Hi, I’m Dewey

PP number: PP975


Name: Dewey


Species: Ducorps Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300


Cage supplied: Yes



Hi, I’m Dewey! I’m a lovely Ducorps Cockatoo.



Not much is known about my past.


Current Presentation:

I have plucked many of my feathers from all over my body, but I am still a very handsome bird.



I am a shy bird and will need an experienced carer to help me develop.



I enjoy a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, supplemented by AS30 seed mix and the occasional treat!



I like to spend time on top of my cage, playing with a box of toys and I love throwing things across the room! My favourite thing to do, though, is to sing and dance with people – I would do this all day long!

I have toys in my cage, but I’m not really bothered by them. I enjoy shredding toys sometimes, and destroying cardboard, but I mustn’t have boxes in my cage because they can make me nesty, hormonal, and territorial.



Dewey can be a complex bird and he needs a home where he can have a consistent routine. He will need an experienced carer – any change in his routine upsets him and he will let you know his feelings!

A home where someone can be with him all day would be ideal as he needs company in order to be content, but he can be a real sweetheart with people whose company he enjoys – he prefers women.

He currently lives with another bird and they spend time out of their cages together, but avoid each other.

Because of his complex nature, Dewey will need an experienced and confident carer who can be at home all day to attend to his needs. In the right hands though, he has the potential to be an amazing companion!

Safehouse update February 2024:

Dewey has come on leaps and bounds since he arrived, from being frightened and quite unpredictable to being our best buddy. He loves to hop, skip, and jump on the back of the sofa, singing and dancing with the odd doodadoo thrown in he’s like an over excited child! He loves to have head tickles when we are sat watching TV, he has perfected step up which makes it easy to put him to bed. Dewey is so proud of himself when I tell him is such a good boy and we are very proud of him too. He loves walnuts, pecan nuts and pistachios. He loves his carrots too. We tend to steer clear of fruit as he can get a little nippy.

When he hears the dogs bark he jumps up and down barking with them.

Dewey is not too keen on men and will let them know.

I would say he would thrive living with a woman (to wait on him) and to be an only bird. Whoever that is will be loved and entertained non-stop!


Location: Leeds

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