The normal budgie has a bright green plumage on the chest. The wings are a mix of green with black. The heads of the budgie has black lines covering a yellow head. 
Younger birds have the lines down the forehead, and the eye is entirely black (except for albinos). As the bird matures the lines recede on the forehead, and a white ring forms around the ‘pupil’ of the eye.


They are about 7 – 10 inches and have a life span of about 10 – 12 years with good diet and care.


You can also sex budgies by looking at them; the female birds have a brownish cere. The males have a deep blue cere, but the colour only appears after the bird is about 6 months old.


As Pets:
Budgies make good pets but generally need to be kept in pairs. A few budgies can be taught to talk, but not all will. A big factor in the birds talking ability is being hand-reared. Hand raised birds are more likely (but not guaranteed) to speak. Budgies can be excellent pets if they are treated with love and attention. The budgie is often under estimated as a pet.


Noise level between 1 to 10:
Budgies are quieter than many other bird species. Although some budgie owners are known to express how loud they can be so for this we will give the budgie a 3 for noise level.


Curiosity & Playing – Every budgie has its