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Hi, I’m Zulu

PP number: PP1235


Name: Zulu


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: £300



Zulu is we believe to be a 16 year old male. He is a Congo African grey. He makes lots of sounds, whistles and words.

He lived in his previous home all his life. His owner made the very difficult decision to rehome him due to moving house.

Current Presentation:
His feathers are in top condition and a gorgeous looking boy. Doesn’t mind being sprayed.

He will gladly step up for sh mum. But not sh dad. He stays on top of his own cage and watches the world go by. Puts his head down for tickles. Zulu likes to walk rather than fly.

Harrison’s, AS30, sprouted seeds and beans, fruit and veg

He loves his babble ball. Doesn’t really chew toys but absolutely loves shredding an Argos book. Loves a cardboard box. He makes lots of sounds and noises, whistling and talking.

Zulu would be very happy with a forever mum. He i’snt bothered about kids, dogs or other birds. He has a wide range of sounds including saying stop it, night zuz, phone noises, microwave, McDonald’s tune to name a few. He loves to dance. He gets covered at night, bed at 8pm-10am, although I do hear him whistling around 9.30am. He was a fussy eater but he tries a bit of everything now. He’s not keen on changing his toys but I’ve continued to rotate and swap them so he will accept it in time. Only took him 1 day to get used to a new perch. He prefers women. He was cage aggressive when he arrived but isn’t anymore. As long as he has a box he’s a happy chappy. He likes to sit on top of his cage. He’s a very quiet bird and no bother at all.


Location: Manchester

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