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Hi, I’m Zeus

PP number: PP1187


Name:  Zeus


Species: black headed caique


Adoption fee: £250



Hi my name is Zeus, I am a Caique and in case  you don’t know we have quite a personality!
When I came to this safehouse I only really liked the male humans but in this place I love mum and dad
equally. Not too sure about the little humans though!! I will take food off anyone mind! Lol
I spend all day out of my cage and I enjoy sitting on the window sill watching the world go by. I like to
play with all my toys and laugh and tweet away with my safehouse mum and dad.
I can be a bit temperamental so it’s best any little humans are aware and leave the handle to the big

I have a huge personality and give hrs of entertainment to my safehouse family. There is this things that
woofs here too but I never see him as he not allowed in our room.




I was passed to problem parrots through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

Zeus will step up onto adults hands and walk up to your shoulder. He currently eats AS30 with hemp seeds and milk
thistle seeds. He enjoys great carrots and dried banana. We have tried all sorts of fresh fruit and veg but he wont touch
it. We keep trying though. He doesn’t like being sprayed but really enjoys a bath in his water regularly



no training at the moment but Zeus would benefit from some clicker training.



AS30, milk thistle seeds, hemp seed. Carrots. Dried banana



paper to shred. Toys and mini shopping trolley. Foraging for treats around the room



Zeus is a great little bird he doesn’t mind male or female carers, not keen on children, not fussed about
dog barking but never actually met dog, actually Zeus now barks like dog. loves to be out cage all day.
Not sure on fresh food but is offered daily. Zeus is a comical little fella who loves shoulder surfing which
we do try to discourage. His not very noisy but enjoys human company, wakes at 8am then bed at 8pm.
Hates being sprayed but will happily take bath in water bowl.


Location: Northampton

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