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Hi, I’m Zeus

PP number: PP1187


Name: Zeus


Species: Caique


Adoption fee: £250





Zeus is young and very active who loves being out of his cage he’s very inquisitive and likes to explore his surroundings whilst he’s been with us he has took a liking to his safe house dad and enjoys nothing more then being on his shoulder.



Zeus came in through no fault of his own and is ready to find his forever home.


Current Presentation:

Zeus is young and hormonal at times he’s been a bit unpredictable so those hormones have definitely kept us on our toes, he is a sweet boys who whistles all day he has plenty of toys which he’s yet to show interest in yet but has had a chew on the boxes we’ve put in.



Zeus will happily step up or hop on to you he doesn’t really fly unless he’s startled and then it’s not far.



Zeus is on a seed diet AS30 along with a mixed chop fruit nuts and treats he’s given a variety which he’s always willing to try out.



Zeus needs lot to keep him occupied he hasn’t shown a lot of interest in his toys giving him things to chew and forage to keep his beak busy will help keep him entertained which is defiantly what he needs.



Zeus has a lot to offer he’s very entertaining cheeky and hormonal so knowing this breed will be a benefit he seems to like his safe house dad the most he is in a house with small children but hasn’t really been handled by them due to him being a bit unpredictable at times so id suggest he would suit an older child household. Zeus is with mixed birds he shows no aggression to others birds but he has no realisation of any danger either but that is a typical Caquie thing a small bird with a big confident personality.


Location: West Midlands

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