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Hi, I’m Zeus,

PP number: PP1187


Name: Zeus


Species: Black Headed Caique


Adoption fee: £200





My name is Zeus. I am approximately 4yrs old and I’m a Black Headed Caique.



I came into PP through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

I am fully feathered and a good looking little fella. I’m not a big lover of veg but will try a little sweetcorn and peppers.



Before I came to PP I was left in my cage for a very long time and not been out to play so now I am out for the majority of the day, my SH mum and dad are trying to get me to fly a bit and exercise my little wings but I’m a hopper rather than a flyer .



I love my Johnson and Jeff low and lean, I will try most veggies but I like to stick to sweetcorn and peppers although I will try most things, I don’t really eat fruit and this can upset my stomach. I am partial to walnuts.



I am a really good boy and will happily play in and on my cage I have lots of toys to play with happily. My safehouse Mum likes to hide treats in my foraging ball and hang treats from the top of my cage . I am not harnessed trained but I could easily be trained.


Zeus may be little but he has an enormous personality, he is so funny and a little crazy. He never stops from the moment he’s uncovered (8am) until bedtime (7pm) and is constantly on the go!. He loves everybody… Ladies, Gents, Little kids the lot. Anyone who is willing to let him sit on their shoulder or even better if he can sit on your head. Zeus is just the sweetest funny little bird that we have safe housed, He makes us smile everyday, he likes to whistle and mimic sounds/noises, and hanging upside from your finger and twirling round, he like to rub his head on your clothes and nibble the straps/ neck of your T .Shirt. Zeus will bring you nothing but fun and laughter and a smile to your face everyday.

Location:  St Helens, Merseyside

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