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Hi, I’m Woodstock (Woody)

PP number: PP868


Name: Woodstock


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £CITES





Hi I’m Woodstock, I prefer Woody for short. I’m a really big bird, and extremely handsome.


I was handed back into the charity through no fault of my own. My previous owners loved me very much but personal circumstances meant they couldn’t look after me the way I needed so they made the really hard decision to let me find a new forever family.


Current presentation
I am the most handsome African you will ever see! I’m a really big lad, I have all my feathers and I’m in perfect condition.


I don’t need much basic training, but I would love some further training as I’m really keen to learn. Maybe clicker or target training would be good. I do already step up to my owners and will going my age for bed time when I’m told.


Well I will eat anything you give me. I’m currently eating Jeff and Johnston lean and fit. My favourite fruit and veg are grapes, apples, honeydew melon, sweetcorn and sweet potato. My all time favourite nuts are almonds. I will give kisses for almonds.


I love all toys when I’ve got used to them. Then I will kill them, jump on them and chew them. I love to chew wood toys, any shredding toys are demolished with utter delight straight away. I love cardboard boxes to hide in and chew my way out of, and will play with any toys all day.


Woody is such a pleasant boy, he is stunning, funny and quirky. although he prefers a male carer, he will tolerate the ladies and allow them to give head tickles sometimes.
He loves anyone to chat to him, he will chat back and boy does he love you to sing to him. If you clap your hands he will dance all day with you. He loves his time out of his cage so he can explore and see what mischief he can get up to, so please make sure you can offer this. He’s a very loving bird, he will give kisses and lets you five head rubs but mostly on his terms. He will happily sit and chill out on your knee watching telly with you, and especially loves being near the window so he can shout at people walking past. He has a good vocabulary and has funny phrases and copies the most annoying sounds. He will say are you a good boy? I love you. Hello woody, and bye bye as well as so much more.
He is fine with dogs sniffing round his cage as long as he’s safely locked in. Small children make him slightly nervous and he could get jealous so a family with older children would suit him better.
All in all, Woody is an amazing, pleasant happy bird. Anyone adopting him will be very lucky to have him in their lives.

Location:  Durham

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