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Hi, we are Wolf and Whistle

PP numbers: PP395 (Whistle) PP1459 (Wolf)


Names: Wolf and Whistle


Species: Congo African Greys


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: Yes, but could do with a new one. They also have two travel backpacks.



Hello! We are Wolf and Whistle, we are the most gorgeous pair of African Grey and we are 24 years young. We are both believed to be male and most important, we can’t be separated.



We came into Problem Parrots back in 2016 and were adopted by lovely people who took excellent care of us and gave us everything we needed and more! Unfortunately their circumstances have changed so they had to make the very hard and painful decision to hand us back into the charity.


Current Presentation:

I am Wolf and I am the brave, fully feathered, completely grey one, while my dearest friend Whistle has a few feathers missing on his chest and shoulders. He also has some red factor feathers around his throat and neck.



We don’t really want to pay attention when the humans in the house are trying to teach us tricks or new stuff! We are smarter than that – after all, we have each other and don’t want to be distracted from the attention we pay to each other. That doesn’t mean we are not smart, we are just a bit stubborn and we are happy to do our own thing.

Even though we don’t like hands, we are not afraid of them! Despite this, we haven’t learned to step up yet, not onto hands, arms, or shoulders, under any circumstances. Again, we have each other as company so we are perfectly happy in our own little world.



We are a bit of a strange couple and need to be slowly introduced to anything new in and around our cage. However, this usually doesn’t take long. Our favourites are cardboard boxes filled with kindling wood and more cardboard, that will keep us busy and entertained all day long. We enjoy walking on the dining room table, playing with or crunching some shelled nuts, ripping books to pieces, and playing with anything that is left on the table – especially if it wasn’t meant for us! We are very inquisitive and love exploring. Our carers need eyes in the back of their heads, as before anyone knows it, we are onto furniture, skirting boards, anything we can get our strong beaks into! We enjoy exploring and walking on the floor, but we don’t mind a visit to the top of the cupboard to see if there is anything of interest to us. There is a cockatoo here in the opposite corner of the room with us, but she isn’t very fond of us – probably because we go and fly over to her house uninvited! But there is no aggression whatsoever from either side, we just stare at each other for a few minutes and then fly back to our house in the other corner of the room! Needless to say, we are excellent flyers.

We keep each other entertained all the time, and where one of us goes, the other one follows. We have a strong bond and can’t be without each other. Even when we need to get into our travel cages, we need to be next to one another. We go to bed around 8pm. There is no need to cover us up; once the room is dark we are as quiet as a mouse. The shutters are opened at 8am and we start our whistles and sweet talking (in parrot language). We don’t really talk human language, as we have each other to chat to all day. Wolf can say a most wonderful ‘helloo’, though, with a deep voice! Our whistles can be very loud, but this is nothing compared to the noise of our neighbour, the cockatoo! There are dogs here in our safe house, but we don’t like any of them. Our safe house carer keeps them well away and out of the room even when we are safely in our house. It is easy to get us to go back into our cage at night, especially when there is food involved. Whistle always wins the race and is ready at the perch keen to be the first one at the food bowl!



We are absolute food addicts, we adore Tidymix, lots of vegetables and fruit, pellets, walnuts and pistachios. Our favourite vegetables/fruits are: sweetcorn, peas, pomegranate, grapes, and we love sprouted seeds. We are actually masters in painting your walls – or anything that is near our cage – with any colour our safehouse carer provides us in our bowl. We have to admit that we are very messy eaters, but we love it.



Wolf and Whistle are the most entertaining greys, you could watch them all day and never be bored. They have a sweet (but also a little mischievous) character and always steal the hearts of everyone they meet.

They come with a very large cage (although it is quite old, and they could do with a new one), as they need a lot of space even when they are out of their cage for many hours. They are used to being in an outside aviary on sunny days, so this must also be considered when applying. There are no children here in the safe house, but as they are easily spooked, it would be best for them to be rehomed with a family where there are either no children or older children. They have no preference towards men or women.

These two are such fun characters and have so much to give to the right family, so if you could give them the loving home they need, please do not hesitate to apply below!


Location: Mablethorpe

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