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Hi, I’m Winnie

PP number: PP1300


Name: Winnie


Species: Budgie


Adoption fee: £25



Hi my name is Winnie, I am a young female  budgie.. I am a found bird but nobody came forward for me. So I am now looking for a new forever home.



There is no history or background on Winnie as he is a found bird.


Current Presentation:

Winnie is in good health, fully feathered and flighted. he is a lovely boy and loves the company of other budgies. He is a little wary of hands but will happily take millet from you. He loves to be out all day and goes straight in her cage when it’s time to go bed. He isn’t loud or destructive, and has no preference to male or female and is no bother around children.



Training is still on going, he is still wary of hands and won’t step up but he will take millet from you.



Tidy mix, loves apples and carrots and broccoli and he loves millet as a training treat.



He loves to be out all day, if he isn’t out he loves to be swinging on his swings and playing at the bottom of his cage ripping up newspaper.



Overall Winnie is a lovely little boy and very confident. He will thrive in company with another budgie. He has no preference to a male or female carer and is not fazed by children of any age. He is still wary of hands and is working on stepping up. He will make a great addition to any family.

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 Location: Northwich

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