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Hi, I’m Wilt

PP number: PP1301


Name: Wilt


Species: Princess Parakeet


Adoption fee: £125





Wilt is a Princess parakeet around a year old, he is super friendly and chatty who gets on with everyone including children.



Wilt is around a year old and lived with a male owner and another Princess parakeet who unfortunately passed away so he became lonely and was grieving, Wilt was on his own most of the day due to his previous owner working so his owner thought it best to rehome him.


Current Presentation:

Wilt lost a few feathers due to grieving his friend who he lived with but they are growing back lovely, he loves being out but will mainly stay  on his cage with the occasional fly around back to his cage, he loves music and likes to sing and loves to have a good chat with you. Wilt is a super happy chappy and has no problems with adult or little hands or fingers in his cage and has never bitten.



Wilt will step up for a treat. Currently looking into clicker training and will start soon.



Tidymix, a variety of fruit and veg, grapes are his favourite and we use pumpkin seeds for training.



Wilt now has lots of toys in his cage that he plays with, he loves his noisy bell toys the best and will chat to you while playing. We have made a rummage box up for him for when he out, hes a little unsure about it at the moment but is starting to investigate and check it out.



Wilt is an amazing bird who will make a great addition to any family and would be great with other birds. He loves music and company and will chat for hours with you. He will Step up for a treat but likes to stay close to his cage. He is only around 1 yr old and has so much potential to learn so many things and loves attention. He is great with children and will step up for them as well.


 Location:  South Wales

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