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Hi, I’m Willow

PP number: PP1319


Name: Willow


Species: Quaker


Adoption fee: £125



Hello, my name is Willow. I’m a confident bird around a year old, I didn’t have a name when I came to the rescue, so Willow was chosen for me. I love being out of my cage all day.



Willow is around a year old, he/she came to the rescue through no fault of their own. We don’t know much about Willow’s history, but he seems healthy and happy.


Current Presentation:

Willow is a happy confident bird, he often makes sounds to let you know how happy they are, and bobs their head when they get excited. Willow eats well, is currently on low sunflower seed parrot food and mixed vegetables every day. Willow seems to prefer to graze over the day and loves their bird bath. Willow has shown no signs of aggression and is very interested in the other parrots, is definitely more confident with other birds than humans at the moment.



Willow is non destructive and likes to be out of their cage all day. Safehouse mum gets beak kisses, but Willow is not keen on hands at present. Safehouse mum is step up training and slowly gaining Willow’s trust. They definitely love attention and loves people being in the same room, as well as other parrots.



They aren’t very fussy at all, seems to like the seed and vegetables offered, also likes to graze throughout the day.



Willow loves their toys, especially toys with bells on them, they love their bath that attaches to the cage too. Willow likes music and loves to have a little dance and head bob. They don’t seem to be destructive, so it’s not a problem to have Willow out of the cage all day.



Willow is an awesome bird full of character and fun. They want to be part of the household and isn’t scares of other birds, adults, or children. Willow will make an amazing little parrot for most settings.


 Location: Northwich

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