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Hi, I am Willie

PP number: PP1416


Name: Willie



african grey


Adoption fee: cites



 Hi! My name is Willie, but I also answer to Willie Woo or Willow. I am a beautiful 42 year old African Grey parrot and although I can be quite shy, I am super friendly to the humans that I trust.



Willie came into the charity through no fault of her own. She lived on her own with an elderly man, and when he was no longer able to care for her, his daughter took Willie for a short period of time, then asked the charity to help find her the perfect forever home.

Current Presentation:

As you can see from the photos, I have been extensively plucking my feathers due to a previous poor diet and lack of stimulation. Safehouse Mum says my fluffy feathers are already growing back nicely and she’s encouraging me to practice flapping my wings to get them strong again. I can’t fly at the moment, but I like to try jumping towards safehouse Mum so she can catch me! I was also laying too many eggs at my old home, but at my safehouse, they keep me entertained with plenty of new toys and time out of the cage, so that hasn’t happened here yet.

I don’t have a big vocabulary but I love to shout ‘hello’ and ‘peekaboo’, and tell my safehouse Mum that she’s a good boy! I like to dance and whistle, and at bedtime, I have a big cuddle with her before I go back to the cage. I spend the day with my cage open so I can explore, but I feel most confident with safehouse Mum next to me.

I live with a safehouse Dad too, as well as two smaller humans, who are 13 and 7. I really like them and am very gentle, but I have bonded with safehouse Mum and would definitely like a woman for my forever Mum. There are also four cockatiels who live with me in their own cage. I like to surprise them and blow raspberries when they spot me! We like each other a lot, but safehouse Mum doesn’t think I would be happy living with bigger or noisier birds.


I am very good at stepping up and going back into my cage when I am asked. I love to sit on shoulders too. Safehouse Mum is working on clicker training with me to encourage my vocabulary and tricks like shaking hands. I haven’t been harness trained.


Staple diet of AS30, with chop offered daily and fresh fruit as a treat. I love to have a cold grape for breakfast!

Safehouse Mum also adds Avipro to my water and EMP egg food to my AS30 to help me build up my vitamins and regrow my feathers.



I love cardboard and shredded paper to play with, especially if little treats are hidden in there for me to forage. I like having the freedom to spend the day outside of my cage, and only really go in there for eating and sleeping. Singing and dancing with my safehouse family is lots of fun too!

There is a ceiling gym which my cockatiel friends use. I really like the look of it, and when my wings are strong and I have my feathers back, safehouse Mum hopes I will want to check it out.


Willie is a fantastic older bird, who despite her previous circumstances, has settled really well in her safehouse and flourished as her cheeky personality emerges day by day. She needs a settled, quiet home with company throughout the day, as she gets nervous when left alone too long. Boisterous birds/other pets wouldn’t be suitable for her, and I feel she would bond much better with a female owner.

She’s an absolute joy to safehouse and deserves the perfect forever home.




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