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Hi, we are Wila & Sukie

PP number: PP1130,1131


Name: Wila (Blue) & Sukie (Green)


Species: Parrotlet


Adoption fee: £50



Hi we are wila and sukie, we are two gorgeous fully feathered and fully flighted parrolets. Wila is the blue one and sukie is the green one we are male and female and we are a bonded duo and cannot be separated.


Not a lot is know about our past. We are looking towards a future and a home to call our own.


Current Presentation:

We are very nervous birds we may be small but we have such big personalities. We have no preference towards male or female we don’t mind children either. We are beautiful birds we are like an old married couple we do like to bicker but we kiss and make up after it. We love to be out all day flying around and landing on peoples heads but don’t come near us with
your hands we don’t like those but we are slowly learning to trust in sure with the right home and a bit of training we will get there. We are such good birds we are not destructive. We can be a little cage territorial but we will get there eventually.


Training has gone really well with wila and sukie, considering the hated hands when they first arrived, they now step up
straight away no problem and will fly to you when you call our names.


We love our tidy mix and our fresh fruit and veg. Our favorite treat is a bit of millet
Enrichment: we love playing peek a boo in boxes and shredding newspaper



Overall we are lovely birds we just require a bit of time and patience, we will keep you entertained for hours we are such a funny pair. We love to be out flying around, we do need some basic training, we have no preference to male or female we just like to have a bit of company. We deserve a home to call our own don’t let the size put you off we are just as cute as the big birds.

 Location:  Northwich, Cheshire

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