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Hi, we are Wila & Sukie

PP number: PP1130,1131


Name: Wila (Blue) & Sukie (Green)


Species: Parrotlet


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hello I am Wila (the blue one)  and Sukie (the green one) is my bonded partner in crime.  Our SH mum Thinks we are a male and female and doesn’t know how old we are.



We came from a home where there were lots of birds and our owner could not look after us all .


Current Presentation: 

We are both fully feathered and in a great health.  We like to have a good fly about but we are not keen on hands unless you have millet .



Our SH mum has tried to tame us, but we will only go to her if she has some of our food or some millet in her hand, she has tried getting us to step up on to her hand and a perch but we like to just jump on and then off the perch and trick her and stepping up onto her hand is a no go unless she has food. But with the right person and lots of time, patience and love I am sure you will be able to persuade us to do it.  I (Wila) am a little more braver then Sukie, I will fly around and like to land on my SH mums head, but when she tries to get me on her hand i fly off again, I will land on humans, but soon fly away, whereas Sukie is a scaredy cat and will only land on things that don’t move or breath.



Our SH Mum had been feeding us Tidymix Parakeet high quality seed mix from Scarletts. She has tried us with all sorts of other things but we don’t touch it, but give us a bowl of tidy mix and we can’t keep our beaks out of it.



We have our time out every day  so we can have a fly around and stretch our wings, although it took us a while at first to come out of our cage, but now our SH mum opens it up on an evening and we have a good fly around the room and then once we have had enough we just fly back into our cage ready to settle for the night, sometimes mum has to coax us back in, but not often.  We have toys in our cage and some little hidey holes which we actually prefer to chew rather than hide in them.  We have a few different perches in our cage but we have a favourite that’s like a twig and we love to snuggle up to one another to sleep on it.  We love the cuttlefish in our cage and like chasing each other landing on all the different things in there.  We have even more toys in a box that comes with us too, mum won’t put them all in at once though as she likes to change the cage around every couple of weeks to give us new and exciting things to do and keep us on our toes and stimulated.



We are a bonded pair and cant be separated as we love each other so much, our SH mum says we are like a little old married couple love to snuggle and we have our arguments (not physical just verbal) or that’s what it sounds like to our mum, really we are just chatting to each other.  We enjoy a nice fly around to stretch our wings, but can be a bit clumsy and do tend to fly into walls now and then.  We currently room share with an African Grey and a cockatiel (both are always making a racket) but we aren’t allowed out at the same time and they have to be covered when we are out as we like to land on anything including their cages and our mum wants us to keep our toes.  There’s also a really big furry thing that barks whenever anyone knocks at the door but his noise doesn’t bother us either, and he is never in the room when we are out or on a night.  We get covered up on an evening and that’s when we know its time to settle down.  We are a really cute pair of birds, super small with huge personality and attitude and all we want is a forever home that can spoil us with love and affection and lots of millet.  If you think you could offer us this then please apply for us.


 Location:  Wakefield

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