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Hi, I’m Widget

PP number: PP1297


Name: widget


Species: green cheek conure


Adoption fee: £125



Hello everyone !!! Let me introduce myself, I’m a beautiful Conure called Widget, I’ve been in my safehouse a few weeks now and I love all humans here. There’s also a dog which I only see when I’m in my cage but I do here him bark which doesn’t worry me. There are also some bigger birds here which I’m not bothered but mum gives us separate time out and I love to fly on top of their cages to wind them up, so now mum puts covers on top of their cages . I love flying around the room but I also enjoy chirping & singing tunes to all the humans. I haven’t really shown any interest in cardboard or paper as yet even though mum fills boxes with shredded paper, I love to walk across my toys or I will hop from one toy to another, mum thinks in time I will show interest in toys, cardboard, paper but at moment I’m too nosey on  what’s going on around me, mum got me some puzzle type toys so she’s hoping it may stimulate me to play. I love to forage at bottom of my cage in the shredded paper. I love my food and will always try new things. I wake at 8am and bedtime is 8pm, but sometimes I like to give mum the run around at bedtime and wont go in my cage lol but I’m  getting better now and most of time will go in my cage. I enjoy head rubs but it is on my terms.


Widget came into problem parrots through no fault of his own


Current Presentation:

Widget is a great bird with loads of character, he loves all humans and enjoys being out of cage, he will try any new foods but does at well for a little bird. He is ok with older children but hasn’t seen small ones as yet.



Currently teaching Widget to step up which needs to be continued.



Fresh veg, some fruit, Johnson & Jeff lean and fit seed mix.



Plenty time out cage, cardboard / paper to shred, toys, foraging toys, spraying daily, plenty human interaction, fresh air.



Summary: Widget is an amazing little bird who would suit most homes, his no bother at all and has shown no aggression to anyone since being in safehouse. He has no preference to male or female carers. He loves his food & will try anything new. He loves human company & enjoys other birds and will whistle away when he here’s them but does like to wind them up by landing on tops of their cages, but he would also be great as an only bird.


South Wales

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