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Hi, I am Whisky

PP number: PP654


Name: Whisky


Species: Green Cheek Conure


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £100




Whisky is an adventurous bird who likes to investigate all around him. He likes to have a walk across the lounge floor, across the back of the sofa or check out any other open cages in the room.

Whisky was not handled much by his previous owner so was very wary of being handled by people.

This has improved over the past 8 weeks and now Whisky loves a fuss, although usually on his terms. There is still work to be done when he finds his forever home.


Current Presentation

Whisky is a beautiful Green Cheeked Conure, well preened and healthy. He loves to bathe and will drench everything around him.



Whisky has built trust and bonded with my husband. He will also approach other members of the family for fuss, this is usually white he sits on the arm of the sofa and rubs up against your hand. Whisky can be a bit bitey if hands come at him when he isn’t expecting or wanting this. Time and patience will be needed when handling Whisky which will result in him being a beautiful companion for someone.



Whisky is currently on a diet of tidy mix. He is very adventurous with food and will usually try most food offered. He enjoys apples and grapes as a treat, also cashew nuts and walnuts.



Whisky will make a wonderful pet in the right home, that can offer him time and patience. He is such a lovely Conure with lots of character and love to give. Whisky has been safe housed with another bird in separate cages and has come into contact a few times , showing us he would prefer a home with no other birds.

If you think you can offer Whisky the home and family he needs then don’t hesitate to apply for him.


Location: Witham, Essex

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