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Hi, we are whisky and chilli

PP number: pp654 pp689


Name: whisky and chilli



maroon-bellied conure, sun conure


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cage supplied:

no, we will need new ones please. but toys and accessories will be.


Chilli is six years old and Whisky five. Both are assumed to be boys but haven’t been checked as far as we know. Whisky and Chilli are velcro lovey cuddlebirds. If you need your cheek rubbed, neck preened, or don’t spend enough hours a day giving head tickles, these two will sort you out. You can choose not to spend every waking minute with them, but just know that they are waiting to snuggle up to your arm or neck for all that time. Whisky seems to prefer a large, substantial cage. If it has a playstand on top, even better. He also loves his baths and playing in water. While he is not always into toys, he will sometimes wrestle a jingleball to show it who’s boss. Chilli likes to start the day with a good determined scream for attention, this has clearly worked for him at some point before. He is now learning slowly that instead of sitting there screaming, he can just go over to a human. Because he has wings. He also likes to chew, thin and soft wood textures are the most fun when he can’t get at cables and power cords (so yummy).


History & Background

Whisky and Chilli came in from the same home where Chilli may have been ‘the favourite’. They have been in four safehouses since, and everyone’s fallen in love with these little guys. They used to fight with each other quite badly, but as long as they both have lots of time and attention and Whisky’s cage is regularly changed a little to stop him getting too territorial, they will now peacefully ignore each other. Having a quiet, peaceful home may also be helping them to get along. They’re not bonded and will not call to each other or eat together, so need separate cages, dishes, etc.



Whisky and Chilli both understand ‘step up’, but aren’t consistent about it yet. One of them may have been harness trained, but it’s hard to be sure which as they’re both comfortable with a harness touching their head or back (as far as we’ve gotten now). Chilli likes to dance if you bop up and down and say ‘Dance Chilli’, and Whiskey can say his name in a soft little voice. There’s no problem trimming their nails; while I did use a towel, Chilli has been resigned to his fate and Whisky prefers to try to curl up into the tiniest possible ball rather than bite. Chilli and Whisky will both tuck themselves into their snuggle huts at bedtime.



Both Whisky and Chilli are on a base diet of AS30, with some Harrisons pellets, Kaytee bird greens, and Lafeber’s avi-cakes mixed in to keep it interesting for them. They like fruit (so far strawberries and grapes are yes, pineapple is no) and they like to ignore a variety of fresh vegetables, but we are working on that. Nuts and sunflower seeds are yummy treats. Phone cases, cables, glasses, etc are also wonderful treats yum.


The best possible toy is anything you’re wearing, like rings and earrings. These are COMPLETELY IRRESISTIBLE and Chilli especially absolutely needs them. Chilli also likes to chew on wood and anything he shouldn’t have, and tapping his beak onto your cup or mug is also a hobby of his. Whisky’s hobbies are rubbing his head on you, cuddling into you, nuzzling you, and clicking to you, but he will sometimes explore a toy especially if it makes noises.




These two lovely little boys are especially lovey and unusually un-nippy for conures. They’re both ridiculously cute and affectionate, and would like a lot of time with a human. They are both comfortable with children and other pets including other birds. Right now they’re thriving and content with each other in a very quiet and calm home. One warning: Just like everyone else, you will fall completely in love with these little cuddly cutie pies, so be prepared!

Location: Norwich  

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