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Hi, I’m Vinnie

PP number: PP1184


Name: Vinnie


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £Cites





Hi I’m Vinnie, I’m about 15 years old, I’m a bit of a ladies bird, I don’t really care much for men.


I have had three homes that I can remember one was in London with a man, and I have a rather deep male voice. My second home for 6 years has been with a family, there were teenagers, dogs, cats and it was all very busy. I was looked after by my Mummy there, and I do a very good impression of her. Sadly with so many dogs and cats, I didn’t get out enough and spent far too long inside my cage, I started to get depressed, and started to pluck my feathers.


Current Presentation
I have a bald chest and neck area, otherwise I am very handsome.


I am a clever bird! I will do anything for a walnut and once I have settled (I have only been with my safe house mum for 2 weeks) she said she is going to teach me all sorts of cool stuff… like roller skating?


I have been on a Harrison pellet diet, my safe house Mum makes fresh chop every day, my sister LOVES it… but its got lots of vegetables and goodness… I’m not convinced! She puts some in my bowl in the afternoon, I have tried it (I am a good boy) I have eaten a bit of it, but still prefer my pellets…. I may come round. My safe house sister said she used to be a seed junkie, and now 18 months later prefers ‘chop’…… so perhaps in time I would start to enjoy it.


I need lots of interesting things to keep me occupied, I do have some of my own toys, but I have not bothered with them since I moved in with my safe house Mummy… there are too many cooler things to do. I really love natural perches to chew through, cardboard boxes to shred, and if you want to get me more toys I will play with them. I need space to fly around, I have been so happy having space and would like a home where I have plenty of time outside of my cage, otherwise I may become depressed again. I came to my Safe House Mum, she has an African Grey already, and I liked them both instantly. My Safe House has a large indoor flight, and large attached outdoor flight, I love it! I have been flying and playing, and although my Safe House sister can be a bit moody with me, I like her. I don’t need to be close to her, I’m very independent, and I am very busy, I have put myself in charge of maintenance, there are a lot of things to do here, since staying here I have become very relaxed. I love exploring, I found a swing the other day… it took me all day to master it and now I love it!


I am a good boy, I like ladies, and tolerate men.  I step up and I talk, I can be a bit nippy but that’s just because I need to get to know you. I like having the company of another parrot and I need lots to do!

My previous mummy told my safe house mummy the following-


We got Vinnie from the East End of London for my Partner’s birthday. My daughter and her fiancée went to see him and brought him home. We were his 3rd family.

Vinnie speaks in a mans voice and a true East Ender!

Vinnie seemed to settle in ok to start with but when he had been with us for a couple of months he escaped through his food hatch We thought we’d never see him again but with the advice of Problem Parrots we worked hard to find him. They told us that If we were going to find him we’d find him around the third day and we did! He started plucking after that and has done on and off ever since. Though he has plucked consistently without stopping for the last year.

He seems to hate all men and has taken a chunk out of my daughters fiancées hand several times and dive bombed my partner, piercing the cartilage of his ear. He loves me on a good day but if he’s feeling crabby I can see it in his eyes.

He’s frightened of every noise and I think he lives life on red alert. Not helped by the dogs and cats that I have and now builders drilling next door.

I talk to him constantly but he doesn’t mimic me generally. He laughs like me or makes the noise I make if I jump or drop something.

He loves Always look on the bright side of life by Monti Python, Adams family. Uptown Punk.

He mimics the Macdonald’s theme tune.

He clicks if he wants me to tickle him and he wants that A LOT!

He says ooo-h if he wants a nut. Usually first thing and Gives you a kiss if you ask him if he wants a nut with the nut in your hand. If you haven’t got one he looks at you as if to say he’s not stupid! (walnuts are his preference and red grapes and sometimes slices of apple. )

He likes the stem of pepper and the core. Small slices of red pepper.

Cauliflower leaves and sometimes the cauliflower itself. Slices or the end of a chilli. Sometimes salad leaves,

Carrots and other veg but he’s more fussy with other veg, others he’ll have a go. He’s also fussy with other fruit.

He is on Harrison’s high potency and has been for years.

He has vitamins in his water.

He likes a bath but only if the sun is shinning.

He tolerates a spray but I’m not sure he loves it. His top corner perch means no spray. He knows I won’t spray him there. but then he often goes up there and then comes down again for more!

He loves to rip through certain toys (I’m sending him with a spare of his favourite) but is nervous of some at first or completely ignores others.

He is terrified of even the sight of baloons. NEVER ENTER THE ROOM WITH A BALOON. His reaction is extreme and upsetting to see.

He’s not used to coming out as it’s difficult with the dogs and cats. We have to be very patient to get him out when we clean him. As long as you don’t feed him when he’s out he can be tempted with walnuts to get him back in.

He loves his cage being cleaned up when he’s in it. This is exciting. He’s not frightened of a hoover round with the hoover.

He dirties his water very quickly as he dips his nuggets in it, so it needs changing several times a day.

Did I say he clicks if he wants tickles?

He understands step up but if he gets scared he won’t do it. He does it better onto a small perch stick than your hand.

I will try and list the things he says.

All different tones and versions of


It’s Alright.

Alright mate

Alright alright alright alright ALRIGHT!

‘Hello.’ Various voices and tones.

‘Vinnie’ various tones and enthusiasm.

Step up.

Wookiee wookie wookie WOOKIE!

I love you.

Morning Vinnie.

Various whistles

He wolf whistles

McDonalds theme tune.

Always look on the bright side of life Monti python. (Likes to listen to it too)

Adams family

Rudolf the red nosed rain deer

happy birthday to you

How much is that doggie in the window.

Damn busters

Dances to uptown funk

Blows raspberries


Come on come on!

Ow ow ow ow OW!

Mutters phone calls

Says hello when your phone rings.

Oooo at bed time when you turn the lights out.

I don’t think he swears, despite my partner trying to teach him.

He throws food at the dogs!

He throws his food out of his bowl if he doesn’t get what he wants.

All in all, Vinnie is a really pleasant bird. He will learn quickly and once settled and with a good diet, his feather plucking may improve.

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 Location:  East Sussex

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