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Hi, I’m Tutti

PP number: PP1246


Name: Tutti


Species: Eclectus


Adoption fee: £350



Hi my name is Tutti and I’m a female eclectus. As you can see, I’m a very pretty girl.


I came into the charity through no fault of my own. I lived with my previous owners since I was hatched and they hand reared me, that was 22 years ago. They couldn’t look after me as good as they used to so made the hard decision to find me a new home.


Current presentation
I have all my feathers, which are the most beautiful vivid colours you’ve ever seen. My beak has had a good trim and this will need to be kept on top of as it grows quickly.


My safehouse Mam has learned me to step up onto her arm but it’s still a work in progress. I’m a little bit shy and will give a little warning nip if I want you to go away, but she won’t go away so I just step up to keep the peace haha.
I have learned a good routine here, I know simple instructions like ‘bed time’ and ‘come on out’. She told me I’m starting clicker training next week, don’t know what that is but it sounds exciting. **Update Tutti will now step up from her cage and is no longer cage territorial!


I used to have a bad diet which made me overweight but since coming here, I have a breakfast of nuts and soaked seeds. I get lots of exotic fruits and veggies at lunch time. Supper time, just before bed, I get a bowl of soaked and sprouted beans and pulses, lots of dried flowers, herbs, hemp, chia seed, milk thistle, nuts and dandelion leaves.


I love a box to shred, I will hide inside it and shred my way out of it. I love lots of newspapers to rip up and hide in, I especially love finding hidden treats in there. Since having my beak trimmed I can now shred bark off a tree branch, that is fun.


Tutti is an absolute pleasure to safehouse, she’s a funny bird, loves to chat with you and shoulder surf.  She’s a really pretty girl and she knows it! She will pose for a photo quote happily but if you get too close, she will eat your camera.
Tutti can fly short distances, she’s getting stronger every day and flies a little bit further each day. She will step up on your arm from the floor or sofa, and now after a little training from her cage.  She will scoot up your arm and happily travel round the house on your shoulder.
Tutti is a very nosy bird, loves to have a look inside every drawer, cupboard or box. She will get into your shopping bag and hide.
She isn’t bothered about the dog or cat sniffing round her cage when she’s safely locked inside, and isn’t phased at all about other birds even though she’s been an only bird all her life. She’s currently alongside an african grey and they’ve made friends as long as he doesn’t invade her space.  Tutti is very food orientated and loves eating. She will steal food from the other cage and has a good appetite. She is overweight and I’m working on getting a few grams off her. I encourage her to fly and eat a healthy appropriate diet.
She has laid a lot of eggs in the past and can get very hormonal, she will puff her feathers up and warn you not to get too close.
I have had a bite from her, and she does try to give a nip but if you’re quicker than her, she won’t get you! She does chase your feet if you get too close, so be prepared to run!
Once tutti settles into her new home, she will be the most amazing addition to any family. She’s a really sweet girl who does have her faults but the positives outweigh them.
She would suit a quiet home, maybe with another bird for company. She enjoys anyone chatting to her and loves being near a window so she can be nosy, looking for people walking past.
If you think you’re the right family for Tutti then get your application in. You won’t regret it.

Location: Durham

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