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Hi, I’m Tutti

PP number: PP1246


Name: Tutti


Species: Eclectus


Adoption fee: £400



Hi I’m Tutti, I am a female eclectus. I am a sweet natured bird with lots of love to give the right person. I originate from the Solomon islands near Australia, preferring to live in the tropical rain forests. My vivid red and blue feathers are what makes me different from the green colour of the male eclectus.



I came into the charity through no fault of my own, my previous owners couldn’t give me the care I needed. They made the hard decision to rehome me and they were very sad to see me go.

Current presentation

I am fully feathered and extremely beautiful. My striking feather colours make me stand out and I love fluffing up my plumage and showing off my colours. I can fly, but only short distances. I prefer to wander round on the floor instead.


I will happily step up to my chosen persons hand or arm, but this will take time. I need time to learn to trust you and form a bond with you, but once I trust you, I guarantee, you will have a bestie for life! I love spending time with my person, whether it is getting head tickles or just sitting with you to watch television. I don’t need any training as such, but I think I may enjoy some clicker training.



Because of my species, I have a slightly different diet to the other birds here. I need a diet high in beta carotene, and vegetable protein so I need lots more fruits and vegetables than the others. I need lots of foods high in vitamin A, such as apricots, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and any dark green leafy veggies. I am currently eating a mixture of fruit and veg in a chop consistency, I love getting my beak right into it. I get nice exotic fruits in my diet such as pineapple, mango and melon. At supper time I get a tiny amount of seed mix, barely a teaspoon full, mixed with soaked and sprouted seed which I eat with great gusto. All my food is measured out as I do have a tendency to over eat and get chunky!.



 I do love a box to hide in. I will happily spin round in circles in a box in utter pleasure, poking my head out and looking to see if anyone is watching me. I also love a magazine to shred up and roll around in, that’s great fun. I don’t play with wood blocks as I don’t really chew anything but I prefer paper to shred and a box to hide in.

I will forage on the cage floor for anything that I missed from my food bowls so my safehouse Mum hides treats for me but she is greedy with the treats. She says I’m too fat…shocking!!


Tutti is an absolute pleasure to have here. She brings so much love and enjoyment to our home. I can literally handle her in any way and she has never bitten me at all. It took time for Tutti to learn to trust me but once that happened, she became the most amazing, easy, pleasurable bird ever! She is sweet natured and quite docile, isn’t noisy at all and will happily spend time with me or on her own spinning circles in her box.

I do put a harness on Tutti, which she had never been harnessed before but because she’s an easy bird, she just let me put it on. She loves going outside for a walk, she’s very nosy and inquisitive and will say helloooooo to anyone.

She’s very nosy, likes to look in your shopping bags and pockets, loves a good rummage in the drawers for anything interesting and will say ‘ooohhhhhhh’ at anything she likes. She also loves a good walk around the house and will hide under the table and wait for you walking past and chase your feet.

There is one thing I must stress about tutti is, she needs the hormonal implant redoing every six months. This is because she tends to produce eggs that are too large for her to pass. She has had two episodes where she was quite poorly and we very nearly lost her due to egg binding so the implant must be done.

Tutti will also need regular beak trims as the previous owners allowed it to over grow. It is still quite long and it’s a work in progress but it doesn’t stop her eating.

She does have some balance issues but I believe this is because she is carrying a few extra grams of weight that she is slowly losing.


She isn’t bothered about the dog or cat sniffing round her cage when she’s locked inside, but if given the chance, she will nip their noses.

Tutti isn’t keen on men, she will give a nip and I’ve been told it hurts!

She is fine when my grandchildren are around but will not interact with them.

All in all, Tutti is the most amazing, beautiful, and docile bird I have ever had the pleasure to safe house. Once she trusts and forms a bond with her chosen female, she will be the perfect companion.


I will be sad to see this lovely girl leave here, she really is the most amazing bird I have ever known.

Location: Durham

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