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Hi, I’m Toots

PP number: PP862


Name: Toots


Species: Yellow Sided Conure


Cage supplied: New one needed


Adoption fee: £100


Description: SH Toots is a little character in his own right. Toots loves being out of his cage a lot of the time and will let you know when he wants to come out. He loves flying about and going on to other cages but I do feel he’d be better on his own as he has shown some aggression towards other birds at mine. He went step up but he loves sunflower seeds so will take 1 out of your hand. He is a bit nippy on fingers but generally he’s happy enough sat on your shoulders, knees or a head in my case. Toots loves his food (Tidy Mix) and fruit but doesn’t seem as keen on veg although fresh veg is offered daily. He’s a chatty lad and likes to whistle. Favorite sayings are “Good Boy”, “What you doing?” and recently started saying Hi.


Location: Atherstone

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