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Hi, I’m Tilly

PP number: PP937


Name: Tilly


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £Cites


Description: Tilly is a found bird, so will be placed in long term foster adoption (in case owners do come forward).


My name is Tilly, it was given to me by my safehouse mum. I am an African grey. I was found by a nice man and taken to a vets in Manchester 6 weeks ago. I had a wound under my wing but my safehouse mum got me better.


My safehouse mum says I am a pretty little grey and when my wing feathers grow back I will be perfect. I have Harrisons for breakfast and evening meal. I didn’t like veg very much but eating a lot more now, its quite nice I don’t think she is trying to poison me now. lol.


I prefer women to men and don’t like hands much but getting better all the time, I will let her give me beaky strokes but try and get a nip but she is too quick for me, I also take food from hands nicely now.

I am not a noisy grey and like to say hello, my favorite pastime is shredding paper from the top of the cage and making lots of mess I don’t bother with toys as much.


I am covered each night and sleep till morning. I love to stretch my leg out of the cage and grab you or anything in reach. I love going out in the garden in my cage and love showers too.


I am looking for a mummy who will give me lots of attention, I am nervous about coming out of my cage but getting better. Will you be my mummy??


Location: Manchester

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