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Hi, I’m Tilly

PP number: PP933


Name: Tilly


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one 


Adoption fee: £150





Hi my name is Tilly, I am a beautiful, shy Orange Winged Amazon

and I’m looking for a special man to give me my forever home.



I was in a home with another little bird that I didn’t mind,

Unfortunately we were not let out of our cage for a number of years and not handled,

We didn’t have a very good diet and I found it hard to trust,  I growled at people a lot.


Current Presentation

Tilly has made progress while in her safehouse,  her feathers are much better and she now doesn’t growl at people.  She is slowly learning to trust  and will now take her favourite treats from the male in the house. Although she wont hurt a female she is much happier with a man there so will need a male carer.  The door to her cage is left open and Tilly has started to  venture out but she will need time and patience.


We are slowly working with Tilly to win her trust. rewarding with her favourite treats all the time.  Moving forward I believe clicker training may help.


Tilly currently is on AS30 lots of fresh veg and some fruit . she loves a grape.



I have some toys which Ilike foraging and normal but I like them to be introduced slowly please as I get a little nervous.


I am a very sweet bird with love to give, I just need a man in my life to work with me who is kind and gentle and understands I just need a little time.  I may never be a cuddle bug. but I will love you forever.  I would really like it if you had another bird I think so I can see them coming in and out. 

I haven’t seen other animals other than birds so I’m not sure how I would feel but as long as we are separate I should be fine.  I’d also like someone who’s around a lot for me please just to talk to.

I have seen children I just stay out of their way, but I don’t like too much noise or fuss.

Can anyone find room in their heart for me lots of love Tillyxx



 Location:  Swadlincote

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