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Hi, I’m George

PP number: PP1015


Name: George


Species:Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi, my name is George, I’m 19 years young.

I’ve been in my safehouse about a month now, I do like it here and I like my safehouse mum. I’m more of a ladies bird and love tickles and scratches from my safehouse mum, I love to shoulder surf. My dad, well, he’s allowed to bribe me with an almond but I wont let him tickle me yet but he does keep trying.

I’m a little chatter box and my favorite words this week are chick chick chick chicken & georgie georgie. Im a very funny boy when I get going. I love my time out of the cage and love nothing more than a chunky cardboard box to shred.



I was in my previous home all my life and had to leave due to change in circumstances and through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

George is doing really well here and has fitted in perfectly with all the other birds, he was wary to start with but has really found his feet, we have a little dog and his presence does not bother George. He’s not met any little people yet so cant comment on what he would make to them.



I’ve been working on step up with George which he does but he tends to climb straight up my arm which I’m slowly stopping him doing. He loves to shoulder surf and hes learning it has to be on my terms.



George’s diet has changed quite a bit in my safehouse, he now eats fresh veg, P15 pellets, Tidymix & chop.



I love my toys but do have a preference and prefer toys made of cardboard, not that bothered with wood. I love a cardboard box on the top of my cage to chew which keeps me occupied for hours.



I am a very sweet friendly boy that loves interaction from my safehouse mum  . I’m a very good eater, I love my food. I’m looking for that perfect family to grow old with, please consider me I will bring you joy and love.


 Location:  Norfolk

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