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Hi, I’m Tilly

PP number: PP450


Name: Tilly


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £300





Hi I’m a beautiful orange winged amazon called Tilly. I was born 11th July 1999 so that makes a young 21 years old.



I was passed to problem parrots through no fault of my own, my previous owners were unable to care for me appropriately any more. It was a hard decision for them to make.


Current Presentation:

I have all my feathers which are an amazing vibrant green with yellow cheeks and a lovely flash of orange on my wings. Im not sure if I can fly yet as I haven’t ventured out of my cage yet.



I will need lots of training and will have to be with someone who has lots of patience as I’m very shy. I think I may enjoy some clicker training to get me to come out of my cage and to realise that the outside world is a good place.



I have tidy mix, fruit and veg every day. My favourite food is grapes, bananas and cous cous.



I have some toys in my cage that I don’t really bother with but im learning slowly that theyre mine. I will forage on the bottom for treats so if you could hide some nuts in some scrunched up papers that would be great.



Tilly is a pleasure to safehouse but she needs someone with lots of time and patience to learn her to be more confident.

She has not come out of her cage yet even though the door is open all day, but will have a good nosy through the open cage door.

She doesn’t mind the dogs sniffing round the cage when she’s locked inside, and will encourage them to bark by barking at them herself.

She’s quite happy with the other birds here and doesn’t mind them at all, as long as they leave her alone.

She has gained some confidence since coming here, but needs lots of time and encouragement. She’s fine when I put my hands in her cage to clean and isn’t cage territorial at all.

She will sometimes take food from your fingers but only on her terms. She will give a warning nip but not a bite if you’re pushing her too much.

Tilly would suit a heated indoor/outdoor aviary where she can come and go as she pleases. She will also make a nice companion for anyone but only on her terms.

If you think you can meet tilly’s needs, then please don’t hesitate to apply for her. She really is a sweetheart that is misunderstood.


Location: Northampton

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