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Hi, we are Thatch & Reggie

PP number: PP896, PP897, PP898


Name: Thatch & Reggie


Species: Green Cheek Conure and Budgie


Cage supplied: Yes 


Adoption fee: £100




My name is Thatch and I am thought to be a Green Cheeked Conure, my SH mum is unsure of my age. I love human company and I love to have all the attention ‘it’s all about me’ I love to be out of my cage and will happily sit on a shoulder. I do like head scratches and I have been heard saying a few words like ‘hello, good boy and kiss’ I am a confident little bird and was obviously well handled and well taken care of by my previous owner. I share my cage with my friend Reggie. He is a budgies. Reggie is my best friend and we get on very well. I am also very friendly and will step up, both of us love to come out of our cage for a fly around although we do think it’s funny when our sh mum tries to bribe us back in for bedtime, we think she needs more practice ☺



Current Presentation:

Our current sh consists of our sh Mum and her 3 boys. One is a teenager the the other two are about 10.

Reggie loves all company and does not seem to have a preference. They will step up for me and the kids. No problem at all. They are friendly and well handled.

Thatch seems to love his sh mum and as soon as the cage is open he will fly straight on to me. Will sit on my shoulder, chat and snuggle in. He does do this with the kids but has been known to give the odd nip but this doesn’t happen often. Seems he is a bit cheeky and at times takes advantage of the less confident! Cheeky! He also loves water, is in the sink at every opportunity and if the tap is on he will have a lovely shower. Then fly onto your shoulder to shake it all off! Thanks for that!

Daytimes they like to chirp and chatter. I have another budgie and I’m sure they all talk to each other. Making some interesting noises and sounds. I’m sure I’ve heard space gun sounds from one. I leave the radio on throughout the day, they seem to love a busy household. At around 8pm I wish them goodnight and cover them over where they sleep peacefully until the following morning. Such good boys ☺


Both step up and appear confident and friendly


Seeds and a variety of fruit and vegetables. They seem happy to try anything offered to them


They have a large cage with lots of toys. They get on extremely well and provide good entertainment not only for us but for each other too. Thatch is definitely the boss and will often push the other aside if he feels he’s not getting all the attention. He also loves 1 to 1 time away from the others.


These  birds have been an absolute joy to sh.  very different in personalities and very big personalities for such small birds. All very friendly and confident. They love being out of their cage and do not seem phased by a busy household.


Location:  Plymouth

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