Taylor, Swift & Rainbow ~ PP576/79/1101

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Hi, We are Taylor. Swift & Rainbow

PP number: PP576/79/1101


Name: Taylor. Swift & Rainbow


Species: Love Birds


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee:  £TBC





Hi we are the lovebirds and we are called Rainbow, Taylor and Swift.  We now live together as a group.



Our previous owner had Taylor and Swift together and Rainbow in with a parrotlet.  We don’t like hands but enjoy our food.  Our ages, history and health is unknown.


Current Presentation

Our safe house family have put us all together in one cage and we have become a great little group.  Even though we don’t like hands and they scare us we do like to interact with our safe house family though the cage and we even let them spray us with warm water.



We have had no training as we don’t like hands and won’t allow hands in the cage without running to the back of the cage screaming.



We are given budgie seed mix with fresh fruit, veg and boiled eggs by our previous owner.  Our safe house family has put us onto AS30 along with fresh fruit and veg.  They did give us boiled eggs but we aren’t very keen on them but we do enjoy our fruit and veg.



As we won’t come out of our cage we don’t come out to play our safe house family has provided us with toys and swing.  We love to chew so we are given paper and cardboard.



Rainbow is the shyest out of the lovebirds where Taylor and Swift are willing to coming to the front of the cage to talk.  All three will be have to find their forever home all together as they have formed good bonds with each other.


Location: South Wales

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