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Hi, I’m Tatty

PP number: PP472


Name: Tatty


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: CITES





Hi all my name is tatty. I have been at my current safe house for about 3 months now I really like the male human here. I am definitely a mans bird so will need a male carer. I absolutely LOVE head tickles , I will sit next to my human slave and demand head tickles , if you stop ill happily tell you co carry on , i’m really a little bit soppy to be honest , I will step up when asked to. I talk a fair bit and sing

I do have a little problem tho I was not on a very good diet before I came here , my nose is partly blocked .. let me explain , if I am low in vitamin A I won’t shed the skin inside my nose yearly and ill get a build up , ive been to see the vets and he was a nice man who had a good look at me , he has told my human slave that there is a very good chance with a prolonged good diet ill resolve this issue my self eventually , but either way i’m not in distress and it does not bother me , its just you can hear me breathe if your close , so I need loads of fresh veg and fruit also my human adds vitamin drops to my water for me

When I came here I was not able to fly very well ( it was just a slow crash to be honest) but since my diet has changed I can quite happily do a lap round the lounge , its amazing how a good diet really effects us all .i do pluck my tummy but this has got a lot better since coming here and hopefully ill let them grow even more as I become more settled . So to summarise if you want a soppy chatty bird to sit on your lap whilst you tickle my head then im your gal , please do remember tho I do need a good fresh diet to keep improving ,



My previous owners did not have the time to offer me the attention I need


Current Presentation:

I do pluck my tummy and a little on my back



I’m happy to step up.



Fresh veg in a chop , I like grapes and apples . I also love AS30 and its essential to keep up with my vitamin drops.



Love shredding paper and playing with my toys but my favourite is head tickles.



I’m a soppy lady who just wants time and attention. I will need a male carer as i’m not too keen on the females of the house.


Location: Essex

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