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Hi, I’m Sunny

PP number: PP1440


Name: Sunny


Species: Cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30


Cage Supplied: No



I’m Sunny, a beautiful Cockatiel. Because I’m female I won’t lose my lovely speckled feathers. I came into the charity with Cinnamon and Lemon, two other cockatiels, but they’re very close to each other and I felt quite left out, so I’m on the look out for a forever home with other cockatiels for me to make friends with. That’s because I’m really quite shy. I like to sit nearby my safehouse Mum and listen to her chatting with me, but I’ve not been brave enough to step up yet or sit on her shoulder.



My age is unknown, but my previous family estimated that I am 5-6 years old. I was very poorly when they first got me because I was on a poor diet, but they nursed me back to health. They loved me very much and were sad to be separated, but they decided that it would be best to let me find a new home with Problem Parrots.


Current presentation:

I’m fully feathered, but a bit of a timid flyer… I’m slowly gaining confidence but I don’t zoom around quite as quick as the other cockatiels here! I like a misting a couple of times a week to help keep my feathers beautiful.



I will step up onto a perch so you might be able to work with me to get me to step onto a hand. I’m quite shy though, so you will need to be very patient with me. I haven’t had any other formal training, but I am told that I am good at going to bed.



I have a small amount of seed mix with veggies and a little fruit – my favourites are broccoli, sweetcorn, apple and cress. I’m a bit uncertain about trying new things. I’ll sometimes try sprouted seeds if offered, but it isn’t my first choice.



I mostly like to observe what the other birds are up to from a safe distance but I’m starting to play with some of the toys here as I come out of my shell a little. My favourites seem to be the seagrass matts and wicker balls that I can chew and shred.


Sunny is a lovely little bird, if a bit shy. She’s slowly coming out of her shell here in her safehouse and she is starting to find her voice. She likes to be on the edge of the action – she’ll sit nearby you or the other birds to watch what’s going on. She was a bit of a “third wheel” in her previous home, but she’s gaining more confidence by being with the other cockatiels here in her safehouse, so she really needs a home where there are other friendly birds for her to interact with.

She’s very sweet but also very shy so you’ll need lots of time and patience to win her around, but we think she’s got the potential to be an amazing companion!


Location: Reading, Berkshire

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