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Hi, I’m Sunny

PP number: PP1253


Names: Sunny


Species: B & G Macaw


Adoption fee: £500




Hi there! My name is Sunny, and as you can see from my amazing colours, I am a blue and gold macaw, one of the medium sized macaws. I originate from Panama, Colombia through to south central Brazil.

I am 8 years old so still a young girl.



I have had a happy life with my previous owners, but because of personal circumstances, they had to make the very hard decision to find me a new home.


Current Presentation:

I am fully feathered; my colours are vibrant, and I do enjoy a good preening session to keep myself looking beautiful. I do like to have a fly round the room, and I am practising every day.



I will happily step up to me safe house Dad but will not step up every time to the woman here. She is quite persistent though so I will eventually step up for her.

They say I need firm boundaries and persistent training to learn to step up to both male and female. They have introduced this clicker thing and I find it quite enjoyable, so I must make clicker training a request for my forever home.

The safe house people here are constantly doing training work with me to help me better understand what I can and cannot do. I am slowly learning to trust.



Oh I am a foodie, I love any kind of food. I get a bowl of cooked mixed veggies which must include sweet potato, carrots, green beans and broccoli as these are my favourite vegetables. I do enjoy a black seedless grape now and then but not too many please (they say I will get fat…how rude)

I also get a small amount of AS30 seed mix as well as Zupreem fruit blend pellets.



I love playing on top of my cage with small foot toys, specially bottle tops, small balls and rolled up newspaper. I also enjoy chewing my way out of a cardboard box and making a lovely mess.

My favourite game is to play catch with these humans. I throw the ball and they go running to catch it, its good fun for me.

I am not so much bothered about the toys inside my cage as I prefer to be out of the cage all day making the humans here chase my ball. I also do not really bother about foraging for treats even though I know my safe house Mum hides them inside toys.



Where do I start…Sunny is an absolute pleasure to safehouse. She suits her name as she has a sunny nature and disposition. She is an easy bird to care for as she is quite independent and not demanding at all. She is a quiet bird and will only make a noise when I am sweeping the floor or singing the song of her flock at roosting time. She will also shout OOHHHHH when she drops a toy on the floor then expects you to retrieve it.

She will play happily on top of her cage as long as there’s lots of small foot toys and a box to shred. She will pop in and out of her cage to have a drink or see what food is on offer.

Sunny will step up for safehouse Dad but will need a confident woman to work with Sunny to get her to learn to step up for a female. She is not aggressive at all towards females, she just prefers male company more.

Sunny does not like the hoover and will let you know about it; she will give a good shriek so try not to use the hoover around her.

We have other birds here also, and Sunny is not phased at all about them. She ignores them if they leave her alone, she is a happy bird.

Our dog has a good mooch and sniff round her cage when she is safely locked inside, and she is not phased at all with the dog.

Sunny would suit a quiet home with older children and would benefit from an aviary for some sunshine in the warmer weather. She will need ongoing training as this particular breed can be extremely stubborn and will easily revert back to negative behaviour.

Sunny comes with a nice big cage, a play stand and her own air purifier which needs to be on all the time to keep the dust levels down. She has had previous issues with her respiratory system approximately 4 years ago but was given the all clear after treatment. This has not happened again, hence the need for a good air purifier.

Sunny spent a lot of time locked in her cage in her previous home due to her owners work commitments so needs lots of time out of her cage. She loves any kind of interaction but is also happy to play on her own.

Please note, Sunny will not tolerate small children, she has and will lunge to bite them, She would be suited with older children from early teens upwards. If you have any toddlers then Sunny would not be suitable.

If you think you can off Sunny the home she needs, then please do not hesitate to apply for her. You will not be disappointed.


Location: Norfolk

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