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Hi, I’m Squawky

PP number: PP1460


Name: Squawky


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: £CITES


Cage Supplied: No



My name is Squawky but I like to be known as Squawky Bear. I am believed to be a female, though I am not DNA tested. I am also believed to be an old girl.



Not much is known about my background, but I had a loving home until my previous owners passed away. I was left home alone for a while, but it wasn’t an ideal situation for people to keep coming in to look after me. So, they made the difficult decision to find me a new home with the help of Problem Parrots.


Current Presentation:

I have self-mutilated on my wing so my new home will need to keep an eye on me to help to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. Most of my feathers are plucked too, but I’m still a beautiful bird.



I need lots of training to help me to step up. I’ve not quite got the hang of that yet, but I am working on it. I don’t bite people but can sometimes nip by accident if I become overwhelmed. I am getting used to being sprayed with a fine mist to keep my beautiful feathers in tip top condition, so you’ll need to keep this up so I can keep up my gorgeous, good looks.



Since being with my new safehouse mum, I’ve been a good girl and adapted to my new diet of Johnston and Jeff No1 Parrot Mix, as well as Johnston and Jeff Lean & Fit, and I love my vegetables. In fact, I just love food… Yum!



I love nothing more than shredding paper and books. I love, love, love my rope perch. My ideal day is spent on top of my cage singing to you and having my head tickled.



When Squawky Bear first arrived, her feathers were in a bit of state having plucked quite a few of her feathers. She will sometimes make her feathers bleed if she becomes uncomfortable, unhappy, or bored for even a short time so lots of distractions, patience, enrichment, time out of her cage and time outdoors are required. A lot of head tickles are a must.

Squawky is a funny little character and it certainly shines through when she swings upside down from the roof of her cage making noises. Squawky hasn’t yet talked much but does say ‘c’mon then!’ at times.

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Location: Greater Manchester

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